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5 Reasons You Should Choose a LaserGear System from TYKMA Electrox for Laser Marking Business Cards

Last Updated on Aug 14, 2023

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At TYKMA Electrox, we design and manufacturers precise, durable laser marking and engraving systems that can be used for countless applications. One particular application becoming increasingly popular is laser engraved business cards. For everything from small companies to large businesses, choosing a LaserGear system from TYKMA Electrox is the perfect solution for your needs.

Plastic business cards are commonly used in the business world as a stylish option for branding, marketing, and more. If you’re considering taking your business to the next level with plastic laser engraved business cards, our LaserGear systems are the ideal system to choose for the job.

Continue reading to learn about the benefits of choosing a LaserGear system for laser marking business cards.

1. Cutting-Edge, Maintenance-Free Design

With our laser technology, we aim to keep maintenance as simple and quick as possible. Each of our laser systems is equipped with a cutting-edge design that is practically maintenance free. Changing lamps, complex alignments, and water cooling will no longer need to be a worry.

Some features of our laser systems include:

  • Air-cooled, solid-state design
  • MOPA fiber laser technology available from 20 to 100 watts of power
  • Advanced capabilities to solve any challenging marking applications
  • No lamps, water cooling or alignments and no calibration required
  • Longest reliability – up to 100,00 hours life span backed by a 3-year warranty
  • Compact machine footprints 

When it comes to laser marking business cards, our maintenance-free engraving machines are the most convenient choice for you because they make everything so simple with virtually no upkeep.

2. Advanced Laser Marking Technology

Our systems for laser marked business cards and countless other applications are designed with the most advanced laser technology on the market and have been built for versatility and precision.

The laser marking equipment we offer can supply:

  • Personalization with key company information
  • Product branding
  • Date coding, serialization, and lot control
  • Laser marking for identification and traceability with the use of direct part marking techniques
  • 2D data matrix symbology

If you’re interested in durable laser systems with the most advanced laser marking technology, we have just what you are looking for. Reach out to a team member to learn more about our laser advantages.

3. A Wide Range of Systems for Laser Engraving Business Cards

We manufacture a range of industrial laser marking machines for branding, product identification and more. Each of our systems is designed with unique features to serve as solutions to virtually any laser engraving application, depending on what the specific customer’s needs might be.

Our line of marking systems includes the following products:

Of these options, we particularly recommend the LaserGear line for laser engraving business cards as these are our entry-level systems and can easily be integrated into nearly any facility. Our compact Minilase systems would also be a good choice.

To learn more about the products we offer, visit our individual pages or request more information today.

4. Laser Systems for a Variety of Industries and Materials

Our laser systems are designed to accommodate diverse industries. No matter what field you may operate in, our laser systems can provide innovative solutions.

Some of the key industries we serve include:

  • Medical
  • Tooling
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Military and defense
  • Electronics
  • Home goods
  • Industrial

In addition to providing laser marking solutions to a number of different industries, our products are also capable of marking a variety of materials and substrates. For this reason, our laser marking machines make an excellent choice for high-end and stylish plastic laser engraved business cards.

For a full list of the materials our systems can mark, check out our materials page.

5. Extensive Training and Customer Support Services

At TYKMA Electrox, our main focus is maintaining our customer relationships as we strive to make things as simple as possible for the user. It is our priority to put the experience of the customer first so that we can ensure they are always getting the best results.

Our customer service begins with our first contact, carries into product training, and does not conclude until troubleshooting after the sale has been made. We offer a number of services to make your laser marking experience as painless as possible.

Our training and customer support services include:

If you have any additional questions about our customer support services, visit our support page today for more information.

Contact Us Today to Find Out Which System Is Best Suited for Your Laser Marked Business Cards

If you’re interested in taking your business to the next level with laser engraving business cards, our LaserGear systems by TYKMA Electrox are perfect for the job.

Now that you know a few reasons why a LaserGear system is an ideal choice for laser marked business cards, it’s time to decide which machine is right for you. Contact our team today and let us help you find the perfect laser marking system for your business card needs.

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