Posted on 01.05.2014 by Aaron Grimes

Automotive Traceability with Laser Marking

Last Updated on Mar 27, 2023

Automotive Traceability with Laser Marking

Traceability is highly important in automotive component manufacturing. By permanently identifying the components with laser marking, the manufacturer is able to track the component throughout its life cycle. Using laser marking, manufacturers are able to permanently mark 2D or Datamatrix codes, serial numbers, part numbers, date codes and more.

Automotive companies are driven to utilize part traceability as their industry strives for increased safety and reliability from their vehicles. In the event of a component failure or recall, the manufacture can quickly and easily determine when and where the part was produced and make critical recall and warranty decisions about other components produced at the same time or place. In addition, being able to easily identify the part assists the manufacturer in verifying they are utilizing and installing the correct components. Being able to track the parts during production or while in inventory can assist in maintaining proper levels of inventory, keeping factory ERP systems up to date and providing “just-in-time” delivery.

In the application shown in the video above, TYKMA Electrox implemented multiple laser engraving machines to permanently mark tracking information such as part numbers and date codes, as well as 2D codes on automotive transmission components. The manufacturer is marking a wide variety of parts; including shafts, gears and discs. This required a mixture of systems including Zetalase™ and our Minilase™. These machines were customized to fit the application. The 2D codes are scanned using a Cognex Dataman™ Scanner.

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