Custom Zetalase™ Ensures Brand Image & Precision Product Finishing on Saw Blades

Applications for Laser Marking | Benefits of Laser Engraving

This customer contacted us to find a solution to mark brand and size information on their saw blade products.  The saw blades range from 12” to 4’ in diameter with a heavy steel center surrounded by an aluminum-titanium coated circumference and carbide-tipped blades.

The company employs a die stamp process on the steel centers for traceability, but they wanted to brand their products with a laser marked logo on the blade surface.  Laser marking in this area is similar to marking anodized aluminum where the coating is removed by the laser to reveal the steel surface underneath.   After sampling the blade marking process with several laser marking companies, they found that residue from the aluminum-titanium coating created a pocket within the marked area, causing saw blade eccentricity

Our Zetalase™ 20 Watt Laser Marking System was the only laser marking process that left a clean mark.  The Zetalase™ was customized for this process to allow the operator to mark all of the various diameters while maintaining a safe Class 1 machine state.  The enclosure access door and back wall were removed.  In addition the machine was modified with a V-block insert on the T-slot base to nest the blade and ensure precision placement.

Above the insert is a light safe, brush guarded enclosure tower on the underside of the back-wall. Once a blade is inserted within the enclosure, the laser is safely activated and the logo is cleanly marked within seconds. The blade is removed and the next one is easily loaded and marked, enhancing this company’s brand image and ensuring production of precision metal cutting saw blades.

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