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StickyJ Medical Q&A

Last Updated on Jun 14, 2023

laser engraved medical IDs

On our blog, we like to write up customer spotlights from time to time to highlight those we’ve worked with, illustrate the good work they do, and showcase how our laser marking equipment has been valuable for them.

So let’s take a look at medical ID jewelry company StickyJ Medical and learn a few things about their operations!

1. Can you tell us a little bit about StickyJ Medical?

StickyJ Medical ID is a leading worldwide producer of custom engraved medical ID bracelets for persons with chronic medical conditions. More than twenty million Americans alone have diabetes and need to wear a medical ID to inform first responders in the event of an emergency. An estimated 10% of the population is allergic to various drugs.

These are just a few of the groups who should wear a medical ID, but for many years medical ID bracelets were old fashioned and ugly looking, so many people avoided wearing them. Over its twenty-year history, StickyJ Medical ID has designed bracelets for every age group, and for the past decade has produced the most popular line of medical IDs for children.

StickyJ has also been chosen by top medical facilities and corporations to mass produce IDs for transplant/implant patients, clinical trials, and other large volume medical ID needs. We do sell unmarked pieces, but the speed and precision of TYKMA Electrox laser machines enables our company to offer wholesale and bulk ordering options for large-scale projects that can be produced quickly and at a reasonable cost.

laser engraved medical IDs

2. What are some of your more popular medical products that you provide?

The most commonly worn medical ID is a curb link bracelet made of surgical stainless steel with a tag that can display a person’s medical condition, list their allergies, and provide a contact person who can be called in the event of an emergency. But, StickyJ also produces leather IDs, which are popular with men, colorful sport strap IDs that are often chosen by children, and fashion-conscious sterling and beaded bracelets that are popular with women. 

StickyJ Medical ID also engraves aluminum wallet cards that allow a person needing to share a large amount of medical information to do so easily. And, because not everyone can describe their full medical condition on an engraved Medical ID bracelet, StickyJ Medical ID has partnered with Backpack Health to provide a free online app for managing, translating, and sharing an individual’s health information. 

laser engraved medical IDs

3. Can you speak to the importance of laser engraving for medical items, and the value it provides to customers? Does providing products for medical purposes pose any unique challenges?

Because medical IDs are relied upon to help save people’s lives, the quality and permanence of the engraving is critical. Laser engraving has emerged as the most desirable method for marking medical IDs because laser engraved text is easier to read in all lighting conditions, and the TYKMA Electrox MOPA fiber laser equipment provides a cleaner and sharper mark than YAG lasers and a more permanent mark than CO2 lasers.

This has helped StickyJ Medical ID’s customers feel more secure in the knowledge that their medical ID will speak for them when they are unable to.

laser engraved medical IDs

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