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TYKMA Electrox Supplies Systems for Laser Engraving Molds

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TYKMA Electrox Supplies Systems for Laser Engraving Molds

Regularly utilized in the manufacturing industry for mass producing products, molds are essential in facilitating quick and precise injection molding, die casting, rotational molding, and more. So, when utilizing your manufacturing equipment, having systems for laser engraving molds and laser engraving mold cavities can help create the long-lasting markings of your choosing.

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An Overview of Molds and Mold Cavities

As industry experts know, molds are used to formulate uncured or molten materials into a new shape. Within the mold itself, one or more mold cavities are present to give shape to each individual product being manufactured. Mold cavities are designed to present a negative impression of what your finalized product will look like.

Along with the total mold and its mold cavity, there are other components of the workpiece that act as channels and openings, such as the:

  • Cores
  • Sprues
  • Runners
  • Gates
  • Vents

All of these components work together to allow your material to successfully take shape throughout the formulating and cooling process.

Why Is Laser Engraving Mold Cavities and Molds Important?

Since manufacturing equipment is usually comprised of metals, like aluminum and stainless steel, using a system for laser engraving molds or mold cavities will help leave definitive and lasting impressions on your workpieces, facilitating marks that will carry over to the final products.

Having a workstation for laser engraving mold cavities can also be used to incorporate the proper identification information for your equipment, whether it is via logos and branding or barcodes and serial numbers. Additionally, you can engrave alignment marks and parting line details to ensure the most precise end product, as well as venting channels to help air and gases escape the mold cavities during the formulation process.

Our Solutions for Custom Mold Engraving

When it comes to deep laser engraving of mold cavities, our team at TYKMA Electrox wants to provide you with comprehensive solutions to exceed your application expectations. That includes laser marking workstations for engraving metal.

When working with laser engraving molds made of metal, a MOPA fiber laser is preferred. The advantages of using a MOPA fiber laser include:

  • Highest beam quality
  • Longest diode life (up to 100,000 hours)
  • Maximum application flexibility possible
  • High peak power and long pulse durations
  • Air-cooling with high ambient air temperature operating capabilities
  • Low power consumption and very efficient operations

On top of our high-quality results, we also offer 24/7 customer service and support and onsite assistance for those who have any additional questions about our laser technology! This also includes additional training and start-up assistance during the initial application and beyond.

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FAQs – How to Make the Most Out of Your System for Laser Engraving Mold Cavities

Here are just some things that you should know before jumping into the custom mold engraving process.

How long does it take to create custom mold engraving?

The length of time it takes to mark molds or mold cavities can depend on what design you are choosing to mark. For example, if you are looking to engrave serial numbers onto your mold, it should only take a couple of minutes for each workpiece. Anything larger than that can be expected to take more time to complete.

Can laser engraving be done while there is a mold in the machine?

Yes. As long as the laser head has proper access to the part of the mold that you wish to engrave, you should be able to go through with the laser marking process with no problems. Though that is the case, we don’t recommend conducting the laser engraving of molds while there is molten material cooling within the cavity.

Does laser engraving molds affect the integrity of the workpiece?

Not at all. When custom mold engraving, the workstation simply marks the surface of the material without affecting the underlying product. With the proper laser settings, your mold will not be impacted beyond the mark you are wishing to incorporate.

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