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TYKMA Electrox Systems Are Ideal for Laser Engraving Leather

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TYKMA Electrox Systems Are Ideal for Laser Engraving Leather

At TYKMA Electrox, we have more than 65 years of combined experience in the development of industrial laser marking systems. From laser marking and engraving to laser etching, our team provides unparalleled solutions for your marking needs. 

Among the wide range of materials that are laser engraved is leather, in a variety of forms. A versatile and durable material, you’ll often find laser engraved leather products in the retail, sporting goods, and auto industries. Laser engraving leather is a popular method of marking leather for branding and traceability purposes. 

Laser Marking Leather: The Most Common Types of Laser Engraved Leather

Derived from animal hide, there’s naturally a variety of different kinds of leather that can be engraved: 

  • Cowhide – One of the most common types of leather is cowhide. Largely used for clothing, furniture, and generic goods, cowhide is durable, easy to care for, and can be found in a variation of thicknesses and colors. 
  • Sheepskin – Reportedly the second most common leather, sheepskin is often tanned with the fleece intact, which makes it a good source of leather for items such as slippers and rugs. 
  • Pigskin – Pigskin creates a waterproof leather that is much denser than others, making it a popular choice for gloves and shoes. 

Common Laser Engraved Leather Products 

Three popular markets in which we see laser engraved leather include: sporting goods, automotive, and retail. 

  • Sporting goods – Despite its popular nickname, the “pigskin” that we find in sports today is generally actually made from cowhide. Though original footballs were crafted from a pig’s bladder, it proved over time to not be durable, leading to the change to cowhide. You’ll find that laser engraving leather is a popular method of marking when it comes to the cowhide used for footballs which are marked with various logos. Laser engraved leather doesn’t stop with footballs, though, since baseball gloves and many other types of equipment are also common laser engraved products. 
  • Automotive – If you’re team leather when it comes to car seats, it’s likely that your seats have been laser engraved by the manufacturer. Laser marking leather car seats is a practice that’s been used in the auto industry for years to effectively and stylishly brand leather car seats with essential info or branding iconography. 
  • Retail – There is no shortage of laser engraved leather in the retail industry. Laser engraving leather for retail offers an opportunity to personalize a number of products. Whether it’s laser engraved handbags, notebooks, or luggage tags, it isn’t hard to spot the distinct mark of a laser engraved leather item when shopping. Some additional laser engraved leather products in retail include wallets, journals, sunglasses cases, coasters, shoes, and jackets. 

Benefits of Laser Engraving Leather with TYKMA Electrox Systems 

Whether you’re interested in laser marking leather as a manufacturer, retailer, or designer, TYKMA Electrox laser marking systems offer the ideal solutions for you. Our systems are durable and affordable and offer numerous benefits to our customers: 

  • Air-cooled and maintenance-free designs
  • High-powered MOPA fiber lasers
  • Ergonomic designs with minimal footprints
  • Industry-leading warranties
  • Advanced marking capabilities that are designed to exacting quality standards

In addition, we offer unparalleled customer service. Remote service from our support team is always free of charge to our customers. Whether you have a question that needs to be answered or if your team needs additional remote training, our technicians are here to help. 

Also, if you’re in need of on-site assistance, our team is available to send technicians to you for repair, maintenance, training, and more. If you require additional support, we offer a 24/7/365 emergency support phone line. 

Contact Us for More Information About Laser Marking Leather Systems

Ready to start laser engraving leather? Contact our team today for more information about which laser engraving system is right for you! 

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