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TYKMA Electrox’s Abilities in Laser Engraving on Uneven Surfaces

Last Updated on Mar 27, 2023

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TYKMA Electrox’s Abilities in Laser Engraving on Uneven Surfaces

Traditional laser marking only requires the use of the X-axis and Y-axis, making it very easy to achieve clean marks on smooth surfaces without the help of an operator. However, not all items are flat, so problems arise when the intended surface or object has various heights or an uneven structure to work with. 

To address this problem, laser marking systems were introduced that utilize the Z-axis. This opened a world of new opportunities and capabilities, including laser engraving on uneven surfaces. 

Learning More About Our Technology

Laser marking is one of the most permanent and efficient ways to create barcodes, logos, graphics, and other designs on your products and surfaces. While 2D laser marking makes this possible for some applications, 3D laser marking expands the capabilities of laser marking technology and the items that can be a canvas. We can thank the ability to reach the Z-axis as the reason for this revolution. 

Advancements in technology incorporate the Z-axis by using an expansion lens. The expansion lens operates on a sliding electric galvanometer, which moves closer and further away from the laser output. This allows the focal point of the laser to act in a similar fashion, enabling three-axis control without the use of extreme oversight by a machine operator. With this discovery, it is possible to laser mark uneven surfaces like molds, stairstep-shaped objects, slanted surfaces, and even rounded items like cones and cylinders. 

Finding the Right Machine for Laser Marking on Uneven Surfaces

If you are interested in laser marking uneven surfaces, be sure to check out our lasers which have three-axis control. Today, we will highlight one of our systems with this capability, the Zetalase XL™. When combined with our Minilase™Pro 3 software, operators can quickly design, edit, and switch between 3D laser marking programs. 

This machine is a full-size, floor-standing system that has many capabilities and accessories. It is able to work across an expansive work area and is highly configurable for different applications, including laser marking uneven surfaces. Plus, it can incorporate rotary devices, which can be a huge asset when laser engraving uneven surfaces like spheres.

Other Machines to Consider

Beyond the Zetalase XL, we also have other options for laser marking uneven surfaces that vary in size and capacity. Additional machines to explore include the following:

Using an Add-On

Another solution we offer for laser engraving uneven surfaces is our Programmable Z-Axis, which is available as an upgrade option on Zetalase, Vereo, and built-to-order systems. This add-on allows you to enter the appropriate Z-axis height value into your program and automatically adjusts to the focal height prior to marking. The goal of this OEM accessory is to minimize set-up times when transitioning from one program to another and to decrease errors when manually setting the proper focal height.   

Advantages of Choosing a System from TYKMA Electrox

With over 65 years of combined experience, TYKMA Electrox is ready to provide you with unrivaled laser marking solutions suited for your project. Every system we build is fully warrantied, backed by 24/7 service, training, and technical support. 

Regardless of your industry, our specialists will ensure that you receive the best laser marking machine that fits the needs of your project. Our systems have the following features that make them trusted by our clients, especially those who laser mark on uneven surfaces:

  • Reliability – Create the same mark, over and over again, in a clear and readable fashion
  • Advancements – Our team is always looking for ways to improve our systems, utilizing the most advanced technology available
  • Versatility – Download different software and use your machine to laser engrave on uneven surfaces or other objects
  • Streamlined software – Our Pro Laser Marking Software is both intuitive and versatile, making it a beneficial tool and easy to utilize

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