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ATF Requirements for Laser Engraving

Last Updated on Oct 10, 2023

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ATF Requirements for Laser Engraving

At TYKMA Electrox, we offer laser engraving, marking, and etching systems that are incredibly versatile pieces of equipment with countless applications. TYKMA Electrox has become a leader in the specialty of laser marking firearms by providing systems for gun manufacturers across the globe.

When it comes to laser engraving firearms, gun owners like to add personal touches with decorative artwork and embellishments to their guns. In addition to personal engravings, licensed manufacturers and importers must mark firearms with specific identifying information, another functionality laser marking excels at.

To accomplish these tasks and more, it’s vital to select a laser engraving system that meets ATF requirements to ensure that your firearm is marked properly. Learn more about our systems and ATF requirements for laser engraving!

ATF Requirements for Laser Engraving

With strict government regulations to adhere to, firearm retailers and dealers have regularly turned to laser engraving systems to meet compliance needs. For a firearm to be in proper compliance with the law, licensed manufacturers and importers are required to engrave firearms with specific information.

The ATF requirements for laser engraving include:

  • Name – The individual or entity that made/registered the NFA firearm
  • Location – City and state where the NFA item was made and country where it was manufactured
  • Caliber – The internal diameter or bore of the gun barrel
  • Model number
  • Serial number

All of this information needs to be engraved on the gun for it to be in full compliance. However, you do have some choices on where the information must be located. The frame, receiver, barrel, or pistol slide are all acceptable locations. Typically, the lower receiver is the best option as you will be able to swap upper receivers without re-engraving the firearm. This information must be legible and placed in a manner not susceptible to being obliterated, altered, or removed.

Per government standard regulations, all firearm serial numbers must match an engraved depth of three to six thousandths of an inch. Thankfully, our laser engraving systems are able to meet these exacting standards, ensuring you will be able to comply with all guidelines.

It is important to select a laser engraving machine that can achieve the necessary size, depth, and detail. At TYKMA Electrox, we have laser engravers that meet ATF requirements with their advanced capabilities and efficiency.

Laser Engravers That Meet ATF Requirements from TYKMA Electrox

When you need a system for laser engraving firearms, TYKMA Electrox has the solutions for you. Our systems are adept at producing precise marks on a variety of materials including:

  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Titanium
  • Aluminum
  • Brass and copper
  • Nickel plated and galvanized materials
  • A range of plastics

All of our systems are designed and manufactured by a team of industry management experts, engineers, software designers, and skilled technical service professionals.

Some features of our workstations and systems that help to meet ATF requirements for laser engraving include:

  • MOPA fiber laser technology available from 10 to 70 watts of power
  • User-friendly controls resulting in the best operator experience
  • 10x increased efficiency over systems using YAG lasers
  • Compact machine footprints with simple modular designs
  • Material versatility and flexibility
  • Simple set up with online tutorials and downloads
  • No lamps, water cooling, or alignments, and zero calibrations required
  • Longest reliability – up to 100,000-hour lifespans with industry-leading warranties
  • Advanced capabilities to solve the most difficult marking applications

Also, TYKMA Electrox has the ability to 3D laser mark pieces that are round, concave, convex, slanted, and more, creating clean, crisp marks regardless of the surface shape.

Another key aspect that sets us apart from our competitors is the versatility of our systems. Because of this, our laser systems have been utilized by a wide variety of industries and in thousands of practical applications. Some sectors we’ve worked with include:

We believe our customers should use the best technology out there and that’s why we offer the most advanced lasers in the world.

Our Laser Engravers That Meet ATF Requirements

If you are looking for the best equipment to engrave ATF requirements, our systems at TYKMA Electrox are the most reliable and highest-quality lasers you will find. With a wide selection of laser machines, we have the ability to meet your specific needs.

Some of the laser engravers that meet ATF requirements we supply include:

Be sure to take a look at our product page for a complete list of all of our laser marking systems. Reach out to us with any questions regarding which machines are best suited for you.

Beyond ATF Requirements for Laser Engraving

TYKMA Electrox has premier laser engravers that meet ATF requirements which are durable, cost-effective solutions to your permanent identification needs. In addition to the more technical marking applications, we also have many other capabilities for laser engraving firearms.  

Some of these marking options include:

  • Gun serialization
  • Deep engraving of serial numbers
  • Decorative barrel marking
  • Upper receiver marking
  • Deep etching of graphics on lower receivers
  • Alignment marking of gun scopes and sights
  • Tracking of clips
  • Logos and graphics
  • QR codes
  • Hard coat anodized marking

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Learn More About Our Laser Engravers That Meet ATF Requirements

At TYKMA Electrox, we pride ourselves on providing the most advanced laser marking systems and we are confident in the solutions that we can supply. If you are interested in learning more about ATF requirements for laser engraving, contact us today! 

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