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The Best Laser Systems for Nameplate and Data Plate Marking

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The Best Laser Systems for Nameplate and Data Plate Marking

Laser marking and engraving has a wide variety of applications for businesses and hobbyists, with everything from the medical field to the everyday carry subculture and more getting real benefits from laser marked parts.

One key application for our laser systems is nameplate marking, something that crosses industries and interests and can provide a wealth of benefits to both companies and customers alike. Let’s take a look at laser marking nameplates and data plates and all the advantages it can provide.

About Data Plate and Nameplate Marking

For many industries, nameplates and data plates are often required by law to provide customers with key operational and safety information. For other industries, nameplates may serve a more decorative or ancillary function, while hobbyists and small shops might utilize them for personalization to enhance a product.

Whatever your industry’s needs, laser engraving nameplates is certainly the way to go compared to other methodologies. In fact, laser marking stands out from other marking methods in a variety of ways, including the following:

  • Laser marking outshines dot peen marking since the latter can produce engravings that are difficult to read in some lighting. Also, dot peen markings can often be shallower, and some surfaces can be ill-suited for use with the method.
  • Chemical etching requires consumables that are costly over time, and these chemicals need to be disposed of properly, adding to the cost and creating pollution issues in some instances. Neither of these issues are present with laser marking, as the process requires no consumables. Once you have a system, it is ready for laser marking data plates and nameplates.
  • Inkjet marking has many of the same issues of cost and disposal that chemical etching does since it requires consumables that will be regularly replaced. Also, inkjet marking is slower compared to laser marking, and most troublingly the marks it produces are quite low-quality compared to the precise laser engravings you get from a laser system.

Applications and Benefits for Laser Engraving Data Plates and Nameplates

Companies and individuals can get very creative when it comes to nameplate marking, but some common examples we have seen with laser marking identification plates include: 

  • Marking essential medical equipment to fulfill UDI requirements
  • Adding personalized information and messages to firearms, knives, and other weapons
  • Creating stylish pet name tags to keep your furry friends safe
  • Engraving custom messages on jewelry to make gifts extra special
  • Marking essential information for automobile parts
  • Marking serial numbers and more on electronics equipment
  • Creating nameplates for personalized gifts, awards, trophies, medals, and more

Of course, these are just a few of the applications for nameplate engraving – the sky’s really the limit. Also, it should be noted that TYKMA Electrox systems are able to mark on diverse materials, including:

Along with all of this, TYKMA Electrox can provide the following to our customers:

  • High-quality laser systems at an economical investment
  • Desktop and open environment/integration system options
  • Application and safety accessories
  • Robust Minilase Pro SE programming software
  • Air-cooled, maintenance-free designs
  • 18-month and 36-month warranties
  • 24/7/365 technical support

TYKMA Electrox Systems in Action for Laser Marking Identification Plates

At TYKMA Electrox, we have a wide array of laser marking systems that can be ideal for your identification tag and nameplate marking needs, with many options in terms of size, through-put, laser class, functionality, and more.

Here’s a quick video of our 50W Vereo Fiber Laser Marker engraving a stainless-steel plate:

We also have developed systems specifically for use with nameplate marking to make the process automated and efficient. Here’s a video featuring our Pick and Place Nameplate and Tag Laser Marking System:

And here we have our Minilase XL Automated Nameplate and Tag Laser Marking System, which is a more compact unit.

Our Minilase XL tag and nameplate system is designed to laser mark, etch, or engrave high-volume nameplates and information tags of various thicknesses, shapes, and materials.

The system features a magazine for holding a high count of unmarked nameplates. A pneumatically actuated pick and place suction device moves nameplates from the magazine to the marking stage and then to the part offload chute where nameplates can fall into a bin of your choice for collection. The system operates completely internal to the Minilase XL system in Class 1 format, keeping the process safe.

Have Questions About Nameplate Marking? Reach Out to Us!

If you’re trying to determine which laser marking system would be the most ideal for your facility and needs for laser engraving identification tags, be sure to contact our experts today. We’ll give you insights and help in any way we can!

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