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Importing Vector Graphics with Our Laser Marking Machines

Last Updated on Dec 4, 2023

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Importing Vector Graphics with Our Laser Marking Machines

At TYKMA Electrox, we’re dedicated to serving a wide array of industries, supplying them with effective laser marking solutions for their many application needs. Companies rely on laser marking due to its precision, repeatability, longevity, and convenience, using it to produce bar codes, serial numbers, logos, and more.

On this last point especially, when companies use laser marking for logos and branding, scalability is key, since some parts being marked may be quite small while others could be considerably large. This is where vector graphics can come into play since the technology is known for its scalability.

Let’s take a look at laser marking designs onto your components and how TYKMA Electrox can supply you with systems ideal for laser marking vector graphics.

The Benefits of Laser Marking Designs Created with Vector Graphics

Vector graphics are ideal for laser marking because these graphics utilize start and end points with lines in between them. These lines represent one width of the laser beam during the marking process. These aspects are vital because they give operators true boundaries along with a clear, sharp edge to any character or image when laser marking graphics.

Another point in vector graphics’ favor is clarity. When you work with an image file, or a raster-based file such as a jpg or a bitmap, you get pixels, and when you have pixels the laser will try to reinterpret those pixels in a grayscale format. This can lead to fuzzy edges in your graphic and will also significantly increase the time it takes for laser marking designs. These problems are removed when working with vector graphics, however.

By using vector graphics, you get all the advantages of marking a regular font inside the system, including having true edge lines, plus you have the ability to control the fill. The fill refers to the coloring in, so to speak, of the graphic being produced.

The Process of Importing Files for Laser Marking Vector Graphics

To import graphics when laser marking, operators will utilize our premium Minilase Pro SE software. This software is robust, user-friendly, and offers diverse functionalities for our customers. When importing your files to begin laser marking graphics, you will want to follow these steps:

  1. After creating a new project within the Minilase Pro SE software, go to the left-hand-side controls and click on the new page symbol with the plus sign attached.
  2. Clicking this area will bring up a new window that will prompt you to navigate to the folder or location where your vector graphic is stored, and you can select it. Please see note below on formats for vector graphics.
  3. Once the graphic has been selected, you will be able to see a preview of it in this window and will also be able to center it if desired.
  4. You will then click “open,” and the file will be displayed in your main project window.
  5. The size of your file may need to be adjusted to your liking depending on the default settings it was created with. You can make your vector graphics smaller or larger by going to the size adjuster on the left-hand side of the screen.
  6. With the help of the Minilase Pro SE software’s powerful tools, you are also able to rotate your graphic if needed, as well as engage in advanced graphic manipulation. You will be able to adjust, manipulate, and remove the very nodes of the image, dragging or deleting them to alter its look. This is very useful if you’d like to change your logos or branding in some way.
  7. Further tips and processes for working with vector graphics can be found in our Minilase Pro SE software manual.

About Formats for Laser Marking Vector Graphics

Vector graphics can be contained in a variety of formats and the Minilase Pro SE software is adept at reading many of them. Some of the popular ones that our software works with include:

  • Adobe Illustrator files (.ai)
  • HPGL files (.plt)
  • DXF files (.dxf)
  • Jcz Point cloud files (.jpc)
  • Scalable vector graphics files (.svg)
  • G Code files (.nc)
  • Gerber bot files (.bot)
  • TAJIMA Dst files (.dst)

To get a firsthand look at the process for using the Minilase Pro SE software for laser marking designs, check out our tutorial video.

Need Solutions for Laser Marking Graphics? Work with the Experts!

If you’re working with vector graphics for your logos, visual designs, product information, serialization, or any other marking application, the laser marking systems from TYKMA Electrox can provide the precision and reliability you need.

Reach out to our team today and we can discuss product options with you, our software’s capabilities, and training opportunities. We look forward to assisting you!

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