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Laser Engraving 2D Codes with Machines from TYKMA Electrox

Last Updated on Sep 5, 2023

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The process of laser engraving 2D codes creates permanent marks on the surface of an object to enable accurate product identification, traceability, and information storage.

Since the process of 2D code laser marking is non-contact, there are reduced chances of surface damage, and a wider range of materials are able to be marked. Read on to learn more about how this form of marking can result in long-lasting, tamper-resistant codes for your products and parts.

Why Laser Marking Is the Best Solution for 2D Codes

Using 2D code laser marking machines is a great way to adhere to industry regulations while providing tamper-proof markings that will enhance traceability, quality control, and product authenticity.

Here are three of the key reasons we see companies laser mark 2D codes onto their parts and items:

  1. Seeking tamper-resistant marks – Laser-marked codes are meant to last, which means they are basically resistant to any form of tampering. This is extremely beneficial to any industry where counterfeiting is a concern.
  2. Adhering to industry regulations – If you work in an industry where there are strict regulations present, laser marking your products and parts will help you to follow guidelines for traceability and identification. This is especially relevant for medical devices, aerospace parts, and electronics.
  3. Maintaining product traceability – Laser marking 2D codes is a quick way to ensure that your product gets from point A to point B seamlessly. Should a product get removed from your pipeline, you can scan its code to find out where it is meant to be. This traceability also allows you to see if you are missing any products.

The Ideal 2D Code Laser Marking Machine

If you are interested in a 2D code laser marking machine that will produce a precise code each and every time, be sure to check out our MinilaseTM XL laser marking system. This system features an integrated Cognex 2D grader for post-mark grading and inspection, and the operator controls the process through a custom software interface utilized during production.

After marking, a Cognex grading system is triggered. The grade is then displayed to the operator allowing for a pass or fail. All records are stored in a network-accessible data log, giving you the opportunity to ensure that all of your code is up to standard and ready to be read by any machine. See the Minilase XL in action below.

Other machines to consider for laser engraving 2D codes include:

Advantages of Using a 2D Code Laser Engraving Machine from TYKMA Electrox

Using any system from TYKMA Electrox will give you striking, precise marks that are resistant to fading. Whether you are looking for a 2D code laser engraving machine or have other needs, you will receive the following advantages when you choose one of our machines:

  • High levels of precision – Since laser marking systems are designed to produce intricate designs, they have no problem in creating detailed 2D codes. This attention to detail means you can achieve effective tracking.
  • Durability – 2D laser marking machines embed your code onto the surface of your object, making the mark highly resistant to wear and less likely to be compromised in the presence of environmental factors like abrasion, moisture, and chemicals.
  • Customization – Laser marking machines can be configurated to create almost any design. This means you can give your machine instructions to design just about anything, including marks with variations in size and shape. 
  • Repeatability – The main reason that 2D code laser marking machines are used for data codes is that they can produce the same mark over and over again. This means that you can create accurate codes that will not face any issues when scanned.

Additionally, these machines are typically able to be integrated into automated processes with ease, letting you achieve durable marks without the need for significant human intervention.

FAQs on 2D Code Laser Marking

What kind of post-processing is required for 2D code laser marking?

The finalization process for 2D code laser engraving is rather simple. Just double-check to make sure your code is readable and you are ready to go. Plus, since there is no need for curing or drying, the entire process is extremely quick, letting you maximize product uptime.

What is the difference between 1D and 2D codes?

1D codes consist of parallel lines in a variety of widths. These lines are typically organized horizontally and can only be read this way. They usually store a limited amount of information that makes them suitable for simple identification purposes, like the tracking of inventory and profit in a grocery store.

On the other hand, 2D codes use a matrix or grid pattern to store more complex forms of data like URLs or detailed product specifications. Since they can store information both horizontally and vertically, 2D codes can fit into smaller spaces than 1D codes can.

What should be considered when choosing a laser marking system?

When choosing a 2D code laser marking machine, you want to consider all of the factors at play in your application. This includes the material, marking speed, code complexity, budget, automation integration, and more. If you have questions about which machine is going to work for you, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team!

Which materials can be marked with 2D codes?

Since 2D code laser marking is a non-contact process, the options for laser marking materials are basically limitless. From plastics and metals to wood, glass, and beyond, laser engraving 2D code makes for a rather versatile solution.

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Let us provide your team with a 2D code laser engraving machine that integrates seamlessly into your processes. Contact us today with any questions you may have.

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