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Laser Engraving Tungsten with TYKMA Electrox Systems

Last Updated on Dec 29, 2023

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At TYKMA Electrox, our laser engraving machines have the ability to mark a variety of surfaces, with tungsten being a material our systems commonly work with, especially when it comes to carbides. But whether on carbides or on raw tungsten, laser engraving is the ideal marking process due to its precision, repeatability, and clean, crisp marks.

We believe in offering the most advanced laser marking systems in the world through the best technology available. Plus, our experience combined with our skilled team has enabled us to provide effective solutions for customers in a range of industries. So no matter what your laser engraving tungsten needs entail, we have the systems and the team to get the job done.

Advantages to Laser Marking Tungsten

Tungsten is a silvery-white metal noted for having one of the highest metal melting points, which is about 3,410 °C. Due to its strength and hardness, it’s an extremely versatile material that helps provide an assortment of benefits for products and companies. Some of its benefits include:

  1. High density – Tungsten has one of the highest densities when it comes to metals, and as a result of this it can hold more weight in a smaller package.

  2. Corrosion-resistance – The material is also highly resistant to corrosion, and due to this it is very useful when facing prolonged exposure to substances such as acids, water, or solvents.

  3. Strength in fabrication – Tungsten is extremely robust, making it ideal for metal fabrication. Its rigidity allows it to be drawn into very thin wires without breaking.

  4. Resistance to high temperatures – As noted above, tungsten has a very high melting point, making it beneficial in certain applications, such as those found in the construction and aerospace industries.

  5. Electronic applications – This metal has conductive properties and relative inertness, allowing it to have a role in the electronics industry and within settings with high levels of radiation. Due to its natural radiation shield, it makes it difficult for X-rays to penetrate.

Laser Engraving Tungsten for Diverse Industries

Tungsten plays an important role in industries due to its array of application possibilities, making laser engraving tungsten perfectly suited for a wide range of fields. Common industries include:

Along with the experience we have thanks to working with these industries, companies also choose us for laser marking tungsten and other materials due to the quality they receive. When you work with TYKMA Electrox, you are choosing to receive benefits such as:

  • High-powered, MOPA fiber laser systems
  • Air-cooled, solid-state, maintenance-free designs
  • Industry-leading warranties
  • No lamps, water cooling, or alignments required
  • Zero calibrations required
  • Compact machine footprints
  • Production-ready laser marking workstations delivered fully assembled, requiring minimal setup
  • Advanced marking capabilities that are designed to exacting quality standards
  • 24/7/365 customer support

We prioritize the experience of the customer to ensure that you have the best laser marking option for your needs. With this in mind, our company offers support services to help with questions, troubleshooting, repairs, and more.

FAQs About Laser Engraving Tungsten

Is it difficult to laser engrave tungsten?

This metal is known for its hardness and durability, making it necessary to use a high-powered laser when laser engraving tungsten. Using a laser that is built to engrave tough materials like tungsten, such as a MOPA fiber laser, will ensure that you complete the desired engraving successfully.

At TYKMA Electrox, we offer reliable, high-powered laser systems that are ideal for laser engraving tungsten. Some of our laser systems include:

  • Minilase™ Manual – This benchtop Class 1 fiber laser marking system possesses all the powerful features you need in a simple, affordable design. The system is ideal for low-to-medium-volume applications.
  • Zetalase™ XL – Our floor-standing laser system is suited for processing large components and is controlled with software for automatic focus adjustment between different parts.
  • Minilase™ Auto Door – This laser system drives efficiency and improves volume production. It was created with an auto mode to facilitate easy door opening and closing along with the laser marking process itself, so it’s an ideal addition to any production process.
  • Build-to-Order Systems – Best yet, we have the capabilities to create a laser marking system that fits your exact needs. We can evaluate your product and application needs and create a unique system for your business by taking into account exact specifications, sizing needs, safety measures, and spacing requirements.

What applications are used for laser engraved tungsten?

Laser engraving tungsten can be applied to many different products. Some products that industries regularly mark include:

  • Jewelry
  • Aircraft parts
  • Surgical instruments
  • Golf clubs
  • Filaments
  • Cutting tools
  • Electrical contacts
  • Carbide tools

Does laser engraving tungsten affect the material’s properties?

When laser engraved properly, tungsten’s essential structure will not be seriously affected, since it’s such a hard metal and laser marking is only minimally invasive. Our laser systems engrave materials very precisely, delivering clean marks without damaging the surrounding area.

What can be laser engraved on tungsten?

When laser engraving tungsten, our systems offer the flexibility to engrave whatever you desire. We’ve seen companies laser engrave aspects such as:

  • Logos
  • Names
  • Patterns
  • Significant dates
  • Signatures
  • Quotes
  • Initials
  • Slogans
  • Serial numbers
  • Pictures

How can I learn more about laser engraving tungsten?

At TYKMA Electrox, we give our customers the opportunity to learn extensively about our laser marking systems so they can feel fully prepared when incorporating them into their business. As a company that values our customers’ needs, we supply many training opportunities for those who are looking to learn more about laser marking and their new systems. Options include:

  • Remote training – Need assistance ASAP? Our technicians are happy to help online and give you the personalized attention you need.
  • Onsite assistance – Whether you want to visit our facility, or need us to visit yours, we can train you in person and give you the proper preparation.

Learn More About Laser Engraving Tungsten

Are you interested in finding out more about laser engraving tungsten? TYKMA Electrox is committed to finding a solution for your application needs.

Contact us today and we will help you determine which marking system will best meet your goals.

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