Laser Marking Products and Goods

From marking glassware to jewelry and beyond, we provide the optimum technology for your application.

  • Promotional product marking such as glass awards and drinkware
  • Capabilities for jewelry, home goods, pens, and decorative products
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Lasers for Products and Goods

From promotional products to jewelry and cookware, our laser marking experience allows us to help you navigate the unique challenges presented when laser marking everyday products and goods.

Promotional product wholesale suppliers utilize our systems daily to laser etch a variety of products, including pens, key chains, flashlights, glass awards, drinkware, and more. Large production and boutique jewelry manufacturers utilize our laser systems for decoration and personalization. When you look at the bottom of some of your favorite cookware pots and pans, you’ll see laser marks created by our systems.

Recommended Solutions for Products and Goods

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Our Capabilities

Browse our extensive capabilities to learn about various laser marking techniques, materials and industry-specific information.

Our Facility

Located in southern Ohio, our 50,000-square-foot facility is home to a team of engineers, laser specialists, and a state-of-the-art applications test lab.

industrial marking products

The Absolute Best Customer Service Around

TYKMA Electrox personnel demonstrated outstanding knowledge of our industry and their products… Rarely do we see this level of commitment from our vendors.

Troy Crosby, Fixture Manage, James Tool Machine & Engineering, Inc.

I have a small engraving business and my original Raptor II was a big purchase for me. When it needed servicing, I shipped it out to TYKMA Electrox in Ohio. Knowing I had orders piling up, TYKMA Electrox rushed it through their lab and shipped it right back within two days.

Karen Twombly, Silver Paw Pet Tags

The system has lots of capabilities with very simple and user-friendly hardware and software design and is easy to use. It is a great system for R&D and production use and it’s a very affordable solution to have a marking system in house.

Greg Golamirians, Director, Manufacturing Engineering, Alfred Mann Foundation

An Introduction to the World of Laser Engraving Products and Goods

Laser engraving and laser marking products and goods is a great solution for creating long-lasting marks on diverse items. Whether you’re working with metals, plastics, ceramics, glass, wood, or even leather, laser marking systems are able to create clear, precise marks that will stand the test of time.

Why Laser Engraving and Laser Marking Products and Goods Is Ideal

Common reasons that laser marking is used to create marks on products and goods include the following:

  • Product identification – Mark serial numbers, part numbers, and other identification codes
  • Branding and logos – Add logos, brand names, and other company elements to your products and goods that will last through their useful life
  • Traceability – Facilitate the tracking of products within the entire supply chain
  • Designs – Get creative and engrave patterns or personalized designs onto your products and goods for a unique finish

From laser engraving jewelry and handbags to drinkware, cookware pots and more, the possibilities for laser engraving products and goods are endless.

FAQs About Laser Marking and Engraving Products and Goods

Read through our selection of FAQs to get more insights on laser marking and laser engraving products and goods.

Why is laser marking products and goods better than other methods of marking?

Laser marking products and goods offers precision, permanence, and the ability to mark a variety of materials without destroying the material’s surface. This makes it superior to other marking methods like inkjet printing or mechanical engraving.

Can my laser engraving system be integrated into an automated production line?

Absolutely! Laser marking is well-suited for integration into automated production processes, which helps facilitate quick and clear marking for high-volume manufacturing. In addition to efficiency, laser marking systems also create precise marks again and again which means you can expect the same outcome each time for better tracking or aesthetics.

How can I ensure the quality of laser markings and engravings over time?

Our best tip to maintain the quality of laser markings and engravings over time is to regularly calibrate your equipment. You’ll also want to be sure to keep your marking area clean and follow any manufacturer recommendations for maintenance.

Systems for Laser Marking or Laser Engraving Products and Goods

At TYKMA Electrox, we focus on providing our customers with diverse types of laser marking systems, including MOPA fiber, CO2, and UV options. Depending on the material you’re working with, the machine you will need will vary. Here are a few of our options for laser marking products and goods:

  • LaserGear QUBE Laser Marking SystemThe QUBE is an entry-level Class 4 fiber marking system that can be used either in an open environment or integrated into a production line. It delivers both strength and speed for diverse applications, making it an extremely reliable choice.
  • LaserGear BOQX Laser Marking SystemOur BOQX is an entry-level Class 1 benchtop fiber laser marking system that uses simplicity and power to create long-lasting marks. It features a power focal height adjustment with a built-in focus finder tool.
  • Minilase Manual Laser Marking SystemThe Minilase is a compact benchtop option that is both simple and affordable but still has powerful features. It is available in both 20- and 50-watt configurations and is a great solution for laser marking products and goods.

However, the list does not stop there. If you are unsure about which system will work best with your application, our team would be happy to assist you.

Work with TYKMA Electrox

At TYKMA Electrox, we are experts in laser marking, etching, and engraving, and our team is comprised of experienced engineers who work in a state-of-the-art sample processing lab to create the best systems for our customers. Plus, our machines are versatile enough to mark on a variety of materials, which makes them ideal for a wide variety of applications, including laser etching products and goods.

Beyond laser marking and engraving systems, we also offer the best customer service. When you work with us, you will be guided through the process of purchasing a system, which removes the uncertainty and leaves you with the best solution for your specific needs. Allow us to put our 65 years of combined experience to work for you.

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