Laser Marking Anodized, Coated, or Painted Materials

Our laser systems can ablate or mark on surfaces with a variety of coatings.

  • Fiber lasers are ideal for stripping anodized or black oxide coatings
  • CO2 lasers can strip paint and coatings without damaging underlying metals
laser engraving anodized aluminum
laser engraving anodized aluminum

Marking Anodized, Coated, or Painted Materials

We have advanced experience in marking surfaces with a variety of coatings, including stripping anodized coatings from aluminum to create high-contrast marks or removing black oxide from tools and other materials.

In addition, CO2 lasers allow us to remove paint from items such as stainless steel drinkware without affecting the underlying material. Some coatings can even be bleached or modified on the surface without the need for removal.

Anodized, Coated, or Painted — It’s Not a Problem

Anodized coatings are available in a variety of colors and this approach is a common method for coating aluminum surfaces. 

  • Ablate anodized aluminum coatings to create bright white marks
Race Face laser engraving

Recommended Solutions for Painted, Coated, or Anodized Materials

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laser engraving anodized aluminum

How Do Our Lasers Engrave Paint

One of the most important aspects of a TYKMA Electrox laser marking system is its versatility. Our marking systems are capable of many different processes, but one of the vital processes for working with painted materials is something called ablation.

Want to Add Color Another Way?

Color laser marking, or color laser engraving as it’s also known, is the process of adding color to an object that is being marked. “Marking” is the more apt term since engraving removes a portion of the material’s surface, creating a cavity, while marking merely “stains” the surface.

laser engraving anodized aluminum

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