laser engraving plastic


Our experience and tools allow us to mark a variety of plastics.

  • MOPA fiber lasers are ideal for most plastics
  • Green and UV lasers are available for specialized plastic marking applications
laser engraving plastic

Marking Plastic

Our tools use a variety of laser wavelengths to mark most plastics.

Many plastics can be marked using standard, nanosecond-pulsed MOPA fiber lasers; however, some plastics require UV or green laser technology to achieve optimum results. 

From Polypropylene to Polyethylene — It’s Not a Problem

Polypropylene is a common, durable, low-cost plastic used in a variety of component types. 

  • Mark black automotive components
  • Etch medical device components
Polypropylene connector laser engraving

Recommended Solutions for Plastic

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laser engraving plastic

Ideal Systems for Plastic Laser Etching

TYKMA Electrox laser systems are capable of marking on a wide variety of materials and substrates, including ABS plastic. Facilities that are looking for an efficient, reliable system for marking, engraving, and etching ABS plastic should review the lengthy list of product options we can provide.

laser engraving plastic

The Best Solution for Laser Engraving Polyethylene

Searching for a laser engraving machine that will work with polyethylene? Look no further than the laser engraving systems from TYKMA Electrox. Let’s look at specifics for polyethylene along with our recommended system for marking it, the Vereo UV Integration Laser.

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The lasers we have purchased from TYKMA Electrox are very well engineered and nicely finished products.

Arthur Jones, Director of Manufacturing, Royal Products

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