We offer CO2 laser technology for the fast and precise laser engraving of wood.

  • Decorate wood promotional products with graphics and custom messages
  • Apply branding and tracking information to wood construction components
laser engraving wood
laser engraving wood

Marking Wood

Marking wood is a simple process using CO2 laser technology. Many of our clients marking wood are in the custom or promotional products industry.

Our laser technology burns the surface of the wood, and control over the depth can create various decorative effects.

Wood — It’s Not a Problem

Custom graphics and messages can be easily applied to wood using CO2 lasers.

  • Create high-contrast surface burns for marking text
  • Deep engrave graphics or logos into wood products
laser engraving wood

Recommended Solutions for Wood

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laser engraving wood

Creative Ways to Use Lasers in Art

Laser marking systems are known in many industries as well-rounded tools which are perfect for customization. A group that has increased its use for lasers in recent years is the artwork and design industry.

What Is Laser Engraving?

The differences between laser marking, laser engraving, and laser etching largely have to do with what each process does to the marking surface, including how deep the laser goes and how it changes the overall appearance of the material.

laser engraving wood

The Absolute Best Customer Service Around

Since we plugged it in it’s been working nonstop. Cut our production engraving times in half!

Michael Sigouin, Blowndeadline Custom Cerakote

It has been one of the best purchases we have ever made.

Adam Spiess, AMS Seals Inc.

The lasers we have purchased from TYKMA Electrox are very well engineered and nicely finished products.

Arthur Jones, Director of Manufacturing, Royal Products

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