Laser Foaming

Laser foaming is a method commonly used for marking plastics, rubber, and other similar materials.

  • Foaming creates high-contrast surface marks on various plastics
  • Use fiber, UV, and green lasers for foaming, depending on the material type and color
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The Details

Laser foaming creates small gas bubbles under the surface without vaporizing the material. The laser uses controlled micro burns that produce a slightly raised surface area. This results in a white, tan, or dark-colored mark depending on the plastic type and color. In general, foaming marks are relatively smooth with minimal surface penetration. Controlling the heat is very important. Most plastics can be marked with nanosecond fiber lasers; however, UV and green technologies can offer enhanced results on certain materials.

Best Materials for Laser Foaming

Our experience and tools allow us to create a variety of marks on many types of materials. Learn more about foaming different materials here.

Best Laser Machines for Foaming

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I’ve learned how awesome laser marking is! The new station for laser marking is creating a lot of buzz around our shop floor and in our offices and we are very happy with the performance of the EMS400. Everyone can’t believe how fast it is.

Moataz Ibrahim, Protocase Incorporated

I have been nothing but pleased with the entire process and relationship I have had with TYKMA Electrox. I bought a Minilase a couple years ago and everything went off without a hitch.

Jeff Forbush, Owner, 4Bush Weapons Systems

The TYKMA Electrox Minilase 20W fiber laser has been a great asset for us. We were able to quickly migrate our production from older laser technology to the Minilase. It produces a higher-quality mark in less time.

Tom Koenig, Manufacturing Manager, Spyderco

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