How a New Laser-Sensitive Pigment Could Change the Packaging Industry

In yet another example of the diverse capabilities for laser technology, it was recently announced that a company within the packaging industry has teamed with a science and technology company to mark plastic bottle caps with a laser-sensitive pigment. Read on to discover key details about this development, as well as what it could mean for the packaging industry and the laser marking field.

Lasers in Space: The Role of Lasers in the Aerospace Industry

You may have seen in the news recently that laser technology has reached outer space in a number of ways! From making our internet speed faster to helping combat arising issues from deforestation, lasers are being used outside of our atmosphere to conquer and solve many scientific and everyday issues. Keep on reading to get an overview about how lasers will be contributing to the aerospace industry moving forward.

Make Your Business More Sustainable with a TYKMA Electrox Laser Marking System

With an increased emphasis on environmental protection and green manufacturing, sustainability has been in the forefront of both consumer and business minds for a number of years now. As more and more businesses are looking for ways to “go green,” they are finding that not only can taking a more sustainable approach to manufacturing help the environment, but it can also help their bottom line.

What Is the Everyday Carry Trend? A Look at the Viral Capabilities of Laser Marking

You may have seen the photos on Instagram or the list posts on a blog, because the Everyday Carry (EDC) trend is becoming more and more popular and visible, and so is the use of laser marking to make EDC items personal and unique. In this post, we will take a look, not only at the EDC trend, but also at the numerous other ways laser marking is utilized in viral videos and trends.

An Abbreviated History of Manufacturing in the United States

October 5 brings yet another National Manufacturing Day, an event manufacturers, innovators, engineers, and technicians look forward to for the opportunities it provides. Every year, companies from all over the United States host events, present live demonstrations of products, offer educational seminars, give tours, and meet with members of their community and interested parties.

Because of the increased interest in the field generated by National Manufacturing Day, a wide variety of articles will be written [...]

Can a Laser Actually Be Powerful Enough to “Rip Apart Empty Space”?

One of the most fascinating recent developments regarding laser technology has been the reports of a laser capable of “ripping apart empty space.” While this laser’s capabilities are impressive, let’s take a look at what researchers are attempting to achieve with it and why “ripping apart space” isn’t a good definition of their laser’s abilities.
Station of Extreme Light
As reported by Newsweek, Chinese physicists are looking to “break the vacuum” by creating a [...]

Selecting the Right TYKMA Electrox Laser System for You

Every TYKMA Electrox laser marking system is equipped with the latest in MOPA fiber laser technology, but how do you know which of our systems is the right one for your facility and operations?

We offer a wide variety of laser marking and engraving equipment to fit any application, but the first thing you need to consider is how you will incorporate your laser marking system into your operations.

At TYKMA Electrox we offer three main [...]

How Do Lasers Differ from Other Marking Technologies?

Creating clean and clear marks in manufacturing has never been more important. With the tracking and identifying requirements continuously evolving, manufacturers are looking for reliable and effective ways for marking their products. There are a variety of methods for marking product surfaces, though it can be difficult to determine which is the best option for your company.

Lasers have proven to be an excellent and reliable way to mark on products and materials, but how [...]

Introducing the Vereo Smart, a Game-Changing Laser Marking System You Can Control from Multiple Devices

TYKMA Electrox is dedicated to producing the reliable and innovative laser systems our customers expect, and in this post, we’re proud to introduce one of our newest models, the Vereo Smart laser marking system.

What is a laser and how does it work?

Did you know the word laser is actually an acronym?
L.A.S.E.R. stands for “Light Amplication by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation”.

Lasers are one of mankind’s most important scientific developments and play a major role in our everyday lives. Lasers are used in almost any industry we can imagine including electronics, modern medicine, defense and more. In manufacturing, lasers are used everyday for: welding, cutting, drilling, cleaning, measuring, sensing, etching, marking, engraving and more. The [...]