2017 Wrap-Up: A Look at This Year’s Biggest Laser Marking Trends

At TYKMA Electrox, we’ve always got our eye on where the laser marking industry is heading and we like to keep our readers aware of changes and advances through our news posts. With that in mind, here are some of the most significant trends the laser marking industry has seen this year. We expect them to continue to play a role in the industry next year and beyond, so be sure to take a look […]
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Roush Yates Engines “Engraves” a Partnership with TYKMA Electrox

CHILLICOTHE, OH – TYKMA Electrox is pleased to announce a multi-year endorsement program with new partner Roush Yates Engines. As an industry specialist, with over 40 years of experience in the laser marking and engraving sector, TYKMA Electrox is dedicated to building superior equipment and providing a world-class personalized customer service experience. We’re excited to start applying these principles to our work with Roush Yates Engines.

“Nine years ago, we purchased our first piece of equipment from [...]

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Q&A with Julia Crews, Speaker at SOUTH-TEC 2017

We attended SOUTH-TEC 2017 and reached out to one of the speakers, Julia Crews, to gain some more insight into her involvement with this year’s tradeshow, what she does in the industry, and much more.

Keep reading to check it out!
1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. What led you to have the opportunity to speak at SOUTH-TEC?
I have been in the automotive and manufacturing business my entire life. My dad owned [...]

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6 Laser Industry Trends and Innovations Taking Place in the Second Half of 2017

Given TYKMA Electrox’s abilities for producing high-quality laser marking systems, we believe it’s our responsibility to also keep up with the industry’s latest trends and innovations. By doing so, we can then accommodate our products to fit the evolving needs of our customers.

With that in mind, there have been many new developments within the laser industry in 2017. As we continue to dive into the remainder of the year, we should take note of [...]

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Q&A with Makesupply: A Leader in Leather, Manufacturing and Social Media

Here at TYKMA Electrox, we make an effort to keep up with the latest trends and technologies in manufacturing. Part of this effort includes maintaining a social media presence on Instagram while also finding great manufacturing accounts to follow.

One of these accounts, Makesupply, is a great example of innovation in the industry – in ways of both manufacturing and social media. Makesupply offers many leather products, templates and tutorials for its customers while also [...]

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What to Know About Laser Marking On Corrosion-Resistant Surfaces

At TYKMA Electrox, our laser systems are adept at corrosion-resistant laser engraving for use on various single- and multi-use stainless steel tools and equipment. Our systems optimize these products by marking them for essential tracking and identification.

Because stainless steel tools must avoid corrosion, they undergo passivation which is a treatment process consisting of coating metals in order to reduce the chemical reactivity on the surface.

Let’s take a look at some specifics of corrosion-resistant laser [...]

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The Importance of Pulse Control in Laser Marking

We feel you should have the finest technology available for all of your laser marking needs, and that is why we offer the most cutting-edge fiber laser marking systems in the world.

Our MOPA, Master Oscillator Power Amplifier, laser technology applies increased power and advanced control for even the most intricate of markings. While it is important to us that you have the latest and greatest services, it is also imperative that the work your [...]

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19 Great Manufacturing Instagram Accounts to Follow

As a world leading manufacturer of industrial laser systems, we are committed to always staying current with what is happening in the greater manufacturing market. And since our innovative industry connects us to customers in more than 25 countries, it makes it even more vital that we keep up on developments in industries like:

Home goods
Oil and gas

Staying up to date with emerging trends [...]

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How One Company Is Changing How We Mark Clear Resins

Thanks to RTP Company, laser marking on clear resins is now easier than ever before.

RTP Company is a worldwide distributer and manufacturer of custom engineered thermoplastics. With their dedication to providing quality service and one-of-a-kind products for thermoplastic needs, they contribute to the growing demand of our laser marking systems. Let’s take a look at their recent innovations.
RTP Company Launches Laser-Markable Compounds
RTP Company has developed a new series of thermoplastic compounds that [...]

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Q&A with Allen Nogee, President of Laser Markets Research

As a leader in laser marking, engraving and etching, we believe it’s important to keep up with the latest trends and research within the field. The ways in which we’ve done this include continually updating our website with industry news, as well as attending conferences and trade shows throughout the United States.

Another way that we discover more about the laser industry is by interviewing fellow influencers within the field. By speaking with experts, our [...]

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