6 Things to Know About the 2017 Wisconsin Manufacturing & Technology Show

The dates for the 2017 Wisconsin Manufacturing & Technology Show are fast approaching. Here’s what you need to know before October 3.
1. This is the 15th Show
The Wisconsin Manufacturing & Technology Show started in 1989 as a way for people to learn about new technologies and ideas throughout the industry.

While this is still the main goal of the show, WIMTS has expanded to include suppliers and industry experts throughout the Midwest.

Taking place [...]

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The Role of Lasers in the Fight Against Counterfeiting

Counterfeiting is a multi-billion-dollar market that affects companies across a wide range of industries. From designer purses and watches to food and wine, anyone’s business can be affected. While revenue is a big component of the problem, jobs, reputations, and even lives can hang in the balance because of counterfeit goods. This has led governments, organizations, and manufacturers to act, looking for new and creative ways to distinguish legitimate products from their counterfeit counterparts.
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Q&A with Online Laser Cutting Blogger Martin Raynsford

As a leader in laser marking, engraving and etching, we believe it’s important to keep up with the latest trends and research within the field. The ways in which we’ve done this include continually updating our website with industry news, as well as attending conferences and trade shows throughout the United States.

Another way that we discover more about the laser industry is by interviewing fellow influencers within the field. By speaking with experts, our [...]

Celebrate Ingenuity with TYKMA Electrox at EASTEC 2017

Come check out our best selling products and demonstrations May 16-18, 2017 in West Springfield, Massachusetts!

TYKMA Electrox is happy to announce that we will be attending EASTEC 2017 next week, located in Booth #3045. Visit us to learn about our large marking field Zetalase XL system featuring a continuous 15″ x 15″ marking field.

We will also be displaying our most popular product, the Minilase XL. Come check out our booth to see our Minilase [...]

TYKMA Electrox Is Showcasing Its Minilase System at PMTS 2017

TYKMA Electrox is glad to announce that we will be attending the Precision Machining Technology Show, PMTS, at the Greater Columbus Convention Center from April 25-27.

Let’s take a minute to look at what PMTS offers attendees and what TYKMA Electrox will be on-hand to display.
About the Precision Machining Technology Show
PMTS is a trade show focused on product technology, innovation, and development within the precision machined parts sector. Held biennially, the event features:


What is Laser Texturing and What Are Its Applications?

At TYKMA Electrox, we’re dedicated to keeping our customers informed about the latest news within the laser marking industry, along with supplying them information regarding essential marking techniques.

We’ve previously written about the differences between laser marking, engraving and etching, as well as the 4 most common types of laser marking, though our focus in this post is on laser texturing, also known as laser surface texturing or laser ablating.
Defining Laser Texturing
Laser texturing [...]

What to Know About Laser Marking on Injection-molded Parts

Utilizing a laser marking system for your injection-molding operations can bring with it a lot of key benefits for your business. With that in mind, let’s examine some specific marking procedures as well as how to best incorporate laser marking into your injection-molding production so you can reap the full rewards.
Laser Marking System Techniques
Laser marking systems offer several ways to mark essential parts, giving users options for determining what’s best for their [...]

How Lasers Are Helping to Eliminate Packaging Waste, One Potato at a Time

(Photo Source: The Guardian)

As one of the leading fresh produce companies in Europe, Nature & More is making big waves in the produce industry by switching over to natural branding with the use of lasers. Not only is the decision doing great things for their company, but it’s also helping eliminate plastic waste.

Keep reading to learn how Nature & More is using laser marking to change the way foods are labeled and distributed.
The [...]

4 of the Most Important Laser Industry Developments to Look for in 2017

As 2016 comes to a close, it’s understandable that manufacturers would want to predict potential trends in the laser industry for 2017. However, in order to forecast the future as accurately as possible, it is imperative that we also examine the present.

That being said, before we discuss our predictions for laser marking trends to look out for in 2017, we will also share the most noteworthy trends to come out of 2016. 
Notable Laser [...]

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Laser Marking Electronics

Though laser marking has hundreds of fascinating applications and has been put to use in many diverse industries, one of the most essential uses for laser marking systems is in the production of electronics.

As technology continues to advance and consumers acquire more handheld and portable devices, the need for quality systems for laser marking electronics increases. Let’s take a look at how TYKMA Electrox can assist your business in its electronic laser marking needs.