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Your Guide to Deep Laser Engraving

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Your Guide to Deep Laser Engraving

What Is Deep Laser Engraving?

Deep laser engraving is the detailed process of marking high-definition features onto the surfaces of various materials with the aid of pulsed lasers. Due to the very high light intensities on the object of application, the material in the laser zone is melted and/or evaporated. The deep laser engraving process is made possible with reliable laser marking systems.

This form of laser engraving penetrates the marked material’s surface more fully than that of standard laser engraving, making the process slightly longer, but processing times are still superior to those of many other marking methods.

How Does Deep Laser Engraving Work?

Deep laser engraving operates identically to standard laser engraving with the exception of the depth of marking being attained. Companies and hobbyists who want a certain look for their products’ graphics, logos, and other elements may turn to deep laser engraving machines to get the job done, as these systems can produce striking and stylish results.

To conduct deep laser engraving, it is recommended that operators utilize a deep laser engraving machine with a minimum laser power of 50-100 W to ensure the mark’s accuracy and depth are maintained.

Other key considerations for deep laser engraving systems include:

  • Scanning speed – The speed of a laser’s movement across a marking surface is referred to as its scanning speed, with slower speeds indicating a beam remaining in one space for a longer duration. Different scanning speeds are required for specific quality and cycle requirements, so it’s best to consult with experts to determine which to use as part of deep laser engraving.
  • Lens – During deep laser engraving, highly focused lenses are required otherwise the depth of marking will not be able to be attained.
  • Line width – The line width is a measurement of the distance a laser beam moves prior to starting a new line, with longer line widths leading to faster engravings, and shorter line widths leading to slower engravings. While the difference can be only fractions of a second, over time, with hundreds or thousands of repetitions, this can lead to longer production times. You will want to consult with your laser marking system supplier to determine the best approach for your materials and application.
  • Temperature of the part – Some materials, like certain metals, are able to be engraved more quickly and more deeply after they have been preheated, which is why some operators engage in this practice on aluminum and other materials prior to deep laser engraving.

What Are Some Ideal Materials for Deep Laser Engraving?

Laser marking systems are used by a wide range of industries for their everyday business operations. Since each industry is unique, they all feature specialized needs, meaning versatility in equipment is key. The deep laser engraving machines we provide are designed for durability and versatility, equipped with the capability to mark on almost any material or substrate.

Deep laser engraving machines can be used to engrave materials and substrates such as:

It should be noted that while deep laser engraving on stainless steel is possible, it does bring with it some caveats. Stainless steel is designed to withstand corrosion, and since the laser beam in deep laser engraving penetrates deeply into the surface of the material, its corrosion-resistant properties can be affected because the outer layer is removed. Also, color changes to the stainless-steel part may occur, or its surface may blacken.

To prevent these issues when deep laser engraving stainless steel, be sure to have a finishing process in place to protect the surface by way of chrome plating, a painted layer, or some form of treatment layer for the material’s surface.

Finding the right deep laser engraving system for your material needs is essential for your application. If you are unsure which systems are the best choice for you, send us samples of your intended product and we will evaluate the optimal deep laser engraving system required.

Which Industries Use Deep Laser Engraving Machines?

In addition to serving as solutions for deep laser engraving on a range of materials, effective laser systems can also be used across virtually any industry. Some of the core markets that can take advantage of this process include:

From marking for kitchen utensils to rubber hoses to missile housings, deep laser engraving systems are capable of doing it all. To learn more about how our deep laser engraving systems are being utilized by these sectors, check out our industries page.

Why TYKMA Electrox?

At TYKMA Electrox, we design and manufacture industrial laser marking machines for applications across an array of industries. When it comes to deep laser engraving, our systems serve as cost-effective solutions for your marking needs. From standard products to custom-made machines, our team strives to make sure that you are receiving the best product available.

As a world-leading manufacturer of deep laser engraving systems, our knowledgeable team has over 65 years of combined experience in permanent marking specification, design, and use. When you choose TYKMA Electrox, you are choosing unparalleled customer support matched with high-quality systems for your application needs.

Our Deep Laser Engraving Systems

We are proud to offer a broad range of systems equipped with diverse laser marking capabilities so that we can provide solutions to applications of any material, surface, or composition. From deep laser engraving to industrial laser projects, our laser systems get the job done quickly and efficiently every time.

Our experienced team will work closely with you to determine the best suited system for your laser engraving applications. Some of the laser marking systems we provide include:

  • LaserGear QUBE60W – Our QUBE60W provides advanced marking capabilities with improvements to speed, flexibility, and deep laser engraving. This product is also equipped with superior power and selectable pulse durations.
  • Minilase XL – Our Minilase XL offers a larger workspace and an open interior for flexibility in a desktop solution. This system is built with a three-side pneumatic vertical door, has a power focal height adjustment, and incorporates auto-mode for high-volume applications.
  • Zetalase – This product offers a maintenance-free, robust, and highly flexible design, along with more features than any other system on the market. With this product, you can easily engrave text, barcodes, date codes, graphics, and much more.
  • Vereo Integration Fiber – Our Vereo Integration fiber laser marker features a MOPA-based fiber engine, fast processing times, and an air-cooled, maintenance-free design. In addition, the built-in focus finder helps to quickly and easily focus the laser for marking intricate applications.
  • Scorpion Integration Laser – This product is designed for high precision and standalone capabilities. The built-in Ethernet and software allow users to network their systems and connect, edit, and upload new programs.

To browse our entire selection of laser marking systems and accessories, check out our products page.

Benefits of Our Deep Laser Engraving Machines

Our TYKMA Electrox team is dedicated to providing the latest laser technology available to our customers. We consistently manufacturer durable, cost-effective solutions while never compromising on quality. In addition to durability and versatility, our products are designed to deliver a number of benefits to your deep laser engraving applications.

Some of our TYKMA Electrox laser advantages include:

  • Air-cooled, maintenance-free designs
  • MOPA fiber laser technology available in different power levels
  • No lamps, alignments, or water cooling necessary
  • Zero calibrations required
  • Systems backed by 18-month or 3-year warranties
  • 100,000-hour lifespans
  • Compact machine footprints and energy efficiency

Each of our deep laser engraving systems is built with advanced capabilities to solve even the most challenging laser marking applications. If you’re looking for a laser marking machine that delivers high performance, reliability, and maximum flexibility, choose TYKMA Electrox.

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