The Benefits of Using a Fiber Laser Marking System

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The Benefits of Using a Fiber Laser Marking System

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As is detailed on each of our product pages, all of our laser systems are manufactured with a high-powered MOPA fiber laser engine. But what exactly does that mean for you?

For starters, MOPA stands for “Master Oscillator Power Amplifier.” To keep it simple, it’s what gives our systems the capability and performance that exceeds other lasers.

MOPA fiber lasers are the most reliable laser marking technology available today, providing clean, distinct marks, optimal repeatability, and efficient operation. Keep reading to discover all fiber laser marking can do for your facility!

Key Advantages of a MOPA Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Fiber laser technology offers the perfect solution for marking on any difficult materials, such as gold and nickel plating, plastics, PCB and other sensitive materials and layers. Ablating of anodized and painted surfaces, smooth finishing of deep engravings, and annealing for medical devices can also be performed.

Utilizing a MOPA fiber laser also means you will have access to a dynamic combination of high peak power and optimized beam quality, which is ideal for deep engraving. That near perfect beam quality and the small spot sizes allows for micro markings with quality and precision as well.

Other advantages for fiber laser marking include:

  • High output power, high optical quality, and a compact size
  • Cleaner mark edges and faster marking speeds
  • Reliability and a lower cost of ownership

Plus, you’ll get the very best in efficiency. Fiber lasers are up to ten times more efficient than traditional YAG laser systems, and they use little to no energy in standby mode.

Fiber Laser Systems vs. YAG Laser Systems

Some of the ways MOPA fiber laser marking machines outclass YAG laser systems include:

  • YAG lasers’ bulbs have a short lifespan and require frequent replacement, compared to the long lifespan available from MOPA fiber lasers
  • YAG lasers generate a large amount of heat which not only makes them less efficient, but also requires water cooling measures to keep them operational. TYKMA Electrox’s units are much more efficient and require only air cooling
  • Due to those issues above, YAG lasers require significant maintenance, whereas our MOPA fiber laser engravers are virtually maintenance free
  • Fiber lasers also outperform YAG lasers due to having a higher beam quality and lower power consumption

3D Fiber Lasers

Another key benefit to using the fiber lasers from TYKMA Electrox is being able to incorporate 3D laser marking into your processes. 3D marking can help you mark around spherical, round, and conical shapes, on sloped and slanted surfaces, on “stairstep” parts, and more!

Visit our 3D laser engraving page to get a comprehensive look at these capabilities. You’ll even be able to see the process in action in a video.

Exceed Your Product Expectations with a Fiber Laser Engraver

Why You Need a TYKMA Electrox Fiber Laser

As you can see, not all fiber laser systems are created equal, and our MOPA fiber laser architecture offers advantages over other average fiber lasers, including increased power, advanced marking capabilities and more.

In addition to those aspects, TYKMA Electrox systems supply a variety of other benefits, such as:

  • Turnkey functionality that uses low-power components, maximizing energy efficiency and savings
  • An air-cooled, ergonomic, and maintenance-free design
  • Fiber laser technology that is available from 10 to 70 watts of power
  • Three-year warranties with long product reliability (up to 100,000 hours in a lifespan)
  • A production-ready design with simple, minimal set up

Our Line of Fiber Laser Marking Systems

Now that you know the benefits of our lasers, be sure to check out our full line of available systems, including:

Learn More About Our Fiber Lasers

fiber laser marking machineWith a commitment to providing a wide range of customer support services 24/7, 365 days a year, TYKMA Electrox works with you to ensure that your equipment will always perform at the highest level.

To learn more about our fiber laser marking systems, and all they can do for your company, be sure to contact TYKMA Electrox today. We look forward to helping you find the perfect system to meet your application needs.


About TYKMA Electrox

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