Introducing the Vereo Smart, a Game-Changing Laser Marking System You Can Control from Multiple Devices

Vereo Smart laser marking

TYKMA Electrox is dedicated to producing the reliable and innovative laser systems our customers expect, and in this post, we’re proud to introduce one of our newest models, the Vereo Smart laser marking system.

The Vereo Smart offers a variety of features and can be used for countless applications. Let’s take a look at all the Vereo Smart can provide.

Key Features of the Vereo Smart

Our new laser marking system is ideal for automated lines, assembly cells, and more, and offers features that include:

  • A complete, standalone computer interface which does not require the use of a PC for operation. Marking programs can be created and loaded onto the unit itself
  • An industry-leading, 3-year comprehensive warranty
  • An embedded web interface designed to allow the operator to set up, control, and oversee the system from nearly any device utilizing the same network as the laser
  • A proprietary control system and control capabilities for connecting PLCs for data transfer
  • Adjustable pulse durations which help to expand the unit’s capabilities and allow operators to use the equipment on a wide span of material surfaces
  • A compact and rugged design, featuring a small scan head and a 19” rack mount controller
  • An integrated focus finder to facilitate fast and simple setup
  • An embedded controller allowing the Vereo Smart to operate in standalone mode, not requiring an inline or connection to a personal computer
  • A machine-anodized aluminum head which shelters essential unit components from elements found within many factory environments, such as oil, dust, and debris
  • An air-cooled and maintenance-free design helping the equipment to perform in high ambient temperature environments

Vereo Smart Controls

The control capabilities of the Vereo Smart laser marking system have been designed with optimal operator usability in mind, and gives operators:

  • Control through a personal desktop computer, laptop, smart phone, or tablet on the same network as the unit
  • A secure connection with user authentication
  • The ability to upload and manage programs, review layouts, and alter data for marking applications
  • Access to process statistics
  • The capability to monitor the system health and laser status of the unit
  • Access to log files for reviewing the full history of the unit’s marking
  • The ability to alter settings and configurations
  • A convenient touchscreen interface

Material Versatility

The Vereo Smart is able to produce high-quality marks on a variety of material types, including:

For a look at some examples of TYKMA Electrox’s work on a variety of material types, visit our materials page. Additional examples, as well as application examples, can be found on our industries page.

Reach Out to Our Team

If you have any questions about our new Vereo Smart laser system and the kind of benefits it could provide for your operations, feel free to contact us today. We’re ready to help!

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