Fume Extraction


Remove harmful dust and fumes from your laser marking system.

A Fumex fume extraction system can be paired with any of our laser marking products to help remove harmful dust or fumes created by the laser marking process.

Fume extraction is not only important for operator health and safety, but also helps to keep your laser system clean and free of excess dust.

Customers marking plastics, creating deep engravings or marking anodized or plastic materials can benefit from the use of fume extraction.

Our standard laser systems are pre-ported for easy hookup to the fume extraction unit.

A four-stage replaceable filter system is included.


  • Two Large Capacity Pre-Filters
  • Large Capacity HEPA  Filter
  • High Efficiency Gas/Odor Filters
  • Featuring “Dustless” Bonded CarbonTechnology.
  • Variable Speed Blower Control
  • Filter Monitoring with Display
  • Calibrated Electronic VOC/Gas Sensor

Technical Specifications

System Dimensions 15.25”W x 13.5”L x 27”H
System Weight Approx. 80lbs
Sound Level 59dbA
Power Input 120V 50-60Hz
Pre Filters Polyester Pre Filter, MERV 11 Rated Filter Media
Secondary Filters HEPA  Filter, Gas/Odor Filter
Rubber House Length 5’