Mini Rotary


Radial Laser Marking

The mini rotary device can be utilized as an accessory with our laser marking systems to allow a user to mark text or logos radially around the diameter of a part.

This rotary tool comes standard with a 3-jaw chuck which allows users to grip on the ID or OD of a part.  Our Pivoting Chuck design allows users to mark the ID of rings as well as the OD.

The  3-jaw chuck can easily be replaced with any other type of OEM chuck available on the market.

We can also design custom work holding fixtures to be used with our rotary tool device, such as pneumatic clamps, expanding bladder ID grippers and many other options


  • Radial Part Marking on OD or ID of parts
  • 2.5”  3-jaw chuck
  • 0.1 mm resolution
  • Holding Diameters of 2-56mm