RT Series


Multi-Position, High-Speed Rotary Index Systems

Ideal for marking a wide range of products, these fully enclosed, multi-position rotary index workstations allow the operator to load/unload completed parts while others are being marked.

A two-hand, anti-tie-down “cycle start” ensures operator safety during indexing. With the addition of safety light curtains and/or sensing safety mats you can achieve a high level of operator protection.  Custom fixtures can be engineered for any part marking operation.

The system is constructed of painted, high quality welded steel tubing and sheet metal. Our RT series workstation utilizes a robust, high duty cycle rotary indexer for years of trouble-free operation.

RT systems accommodate a variety of TYKMA Laser Markers including our Vereo™  Fiber Laser Marker. All laser components and controls are self-contained in these durable, Class 1 enclosures.


  • Complete Floor Mounted Class 1 Safety Laser Marking Machine
  • Two Position Rotary Index Table for High-Speed Part Loading/Unloading
  • Automatic Programmable Z-Axis
  • Focal Height Adjustment
  • Operator Actuated Dual Palm Buttons
  • Laser Pendant Control Console with Enable Key/Shutter/Start/E-stop
  • Adjustable Swing Arm for Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse
  • Laser System Safety Interlocking
  • Operator Safety Viewing Window
  • One Plug 115VAC Operation

Workstation Standard FeaturesRTSeries2

  • One-plug 115VAC Operation
  • Two-Position 500mm or 800mm Rotary Index Table
  • Four (4) Full-Size Service Doors
  • Safety Interlocking / Safety Viewing Window
  • Two-Hand Anti-Tie Down for  Operator Safety and Start
  • Monitor / Keyboard / Mouse
  • Operator Control Pendant with Key  Start Industrial Mounted Power Surge Protection Strip Fixed / Power / Programmable Focal Adjustment

Options / Accessories

  • Fume / Dust Extraction Unit
  • Custom Fixtures
  • Software Solutions