WK Series


Versatile, Flexible, Modular Laser Marking Machines

These flexible, full-size laser marking workstations can suit any application.  WK Series systems have expandable, large work envelopes and can integrate a variety of laser markers including our Vereo™  Fiber Laser.

Specialized part fixtures, circumferential marking devices and fume extraction systems are easily adapted to WK Enclosures.  The modular design of the WK workstation is ideal for build-to-order design, large parts or custom fixtures and processes.

Portable features include a lightweight design and locking castors for flexible integration within any manufacturing environment.  All laser components and controls are self- contained in these durable, Class 1 enclosures.


  • Full-Size Workstation Available in Custom Sizes and Configurations
  • Front Sliding Part Loading Door and Service Access Doors
  • T-slot Work Surface, Adjustable Swing Arm for  Monitor, Keyboard, and Mouse
  • Power or Programmable Z-Axis Focal Height Adjustment
  • Available with Floor Mounts or Locking Mobile Castors

WK2Workstation Standard Features

  • One-plug 115VAC Operation
  • Front Operator Interface Door with Autostart
  • Service Doors
  • Safety Interlocking / Safety Viewing Window T-Slot Work Surface / Illuminated Enclosure Monitor / Keyboard / Mouse Swing Arm Operator Control Pendant with Key  Start Industrial Mounted Power Surge Protection Strip
  • Fixed / Power / Automatic Focal Height Adjustment

Options / Accessories

  • Rotation Axis  for  360° Part Marking Automatic Part Loading Door Custom Fixtures
  • Fume / Dust Extraction Unit
  • Custom Software Solutions