XY Series


High Throughput, Large Component XY Stage Laser Enclosures

XY Series laser marking systems are the ideal solution for  part-marking in high throughput operations or where large surfaces require marking in multiple places.  An expansive XY platform accommodates virtually any size component. Mark  large parts or trays of multiple pieces in a single programmed operation.

Graphical tiling over large pieces or automated serialization of part trays is easy with the XY Series.

All laser components and controls are self contained in these durable, Class 1 enclosures.


  • Class 1 Safety Certified with Interlocks, Labels, Pendant w/Key Start and Safety Viewing Window
  • Automatic XY Table with Marking Areas Up to 24” x 24”
  • Automatic Z-Axis Focal Height Adjustment
  • T-Slot Worksurface, Adjustable Swing  Arm for Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse
  • Front Sliding Part Loading Door and Four (4) Service Access Doors
  • One-Plug 115VAC Operation

Workstation Standard Features

  • Automatic XY Staging for  Expanded Marking Areas Power / Automatic Z-Axis Focal Height Adjustment One-plug 115VAC Operation
  • Front Operator Interface Door with Autostart
  • Four (4) Full Size Service Doors
  • Safety Interlocking /Safety Viewing Window T-Slot Work Surface / Illuminated Enclosure Monitor / Keyboard / Mouse Swing Arm
  • Operator Control Pendant with Key  Start

Options / AccessoriesXYseries2

  • Rotation Axis  for  360° Part Marking Automatic Part Loading Door Custom Fixtures
  • Automatic Part Loading Door
  • Fume / Dust Extraction Unit
  • Custom Software Solutions