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The 22 Best Everyday Carry Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

Last Updated on Mar 27, 2023

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Everyday carry has emerged as a subculture focused on necessity, convenience, and personalization, with proponents of the trend proudly displaying new acquisitions and ways they have modified their gear. We’ve written about everyday carry before, and we even offer a number of laser markers ideally suited for engraving everyday carry items, so this is definitely a subculture we keep an eye on.

To help those who are just getting into everyday carry, or those looking to expand their knowledge, we’ve crafted a list of some excellent everyday carry Instagram accounts to follow so you can get ideas, swap stories, discover new products, and more.

Let’s take a look!

Everyday Carry on Instagram

  • @novel_carry – This Instagram accounts takes submissions for great everyday carry shots and does regular features on everyday carry members and their accounts, so this is an excellent resource to find more likeminded people and brands in the culture. 
  • @real_men_carry – The Instagram account for the website of the same name, Real Men Carry, offers up some stunning original pics of EDC items that really makes them pop. A great account to follow to give yourself some ideas for your own EDC photography.
  • @gtdunn – Greg Dunn is an everyday carry enthusiast who shares regular posts with items he has acquired and modified. He also gives shoutouts to interesting brands, so you might find something unique here.
  • @gearinguppodcast – Greg Dunn also hosts a podcast focused on the everyday carry culture, releasing a new episode every week. With over 80 episodes already recorded, there’s plenty of content to work through!
  • @legacybrandleather – This leather goods company provides a wide range of products that have been made by hand and are ideal for protecting many items as part of everyday carry. Examples include phone cases, wallets, satchels, and more.
  • @iquollyty – Regularly updated, this account boasts high-quality pics of its owner’s EDC, featuring a variety of knives, flashlights, tool kits, and more. You’re likely to find something to pique your interest and add to your collection here! 
  • @kyle_carries – This Canadian everyday carry enthusiast posts 1-2 pics per day of his EDC, which focuses mainly on knives. He showcases a lot of varieties with interesting designs and personalization examples, so be sure to give this one a look if you’re wanting to expand your collection.
  • @properedc – This account displays a wide range of EDC items, with a particular focus being on guns, knives, and other survival gear. If you’re a hunter or simply an outdoorsman, this is definitely an account to add to your list.
  • @davidof_edc – An EDC fan with a lot of worthwhile posts and steady updates, you’ll find a lot of great items by giving his feed a look. A self-proclaimed “knives and gear addict.”
  • @simons_edc – This account, an offshoot of the author’s website, features a range of EDC items such as knives, tools, cameras, flashlights, watches and more. His site also posts EDC gear reviews, retro gear reviews, knife reviews, and houses both EDC and landscape photography.
  • @n8tactical – Anyone who everyday carries a weapon likely knows the value of having a worthwhile holster. This company supplies a variety of holsters for handguns and clips, and features regular images of their products in use.
  • @powertaclights – Specializing in tactical and durable flashlights, Powertac is a major brand in the EDC subculture. Give them a follow for everyday carry posts, product updates, deals, preorders, giveaways, and more.
  • @gondekedc – An account run by an engineer and EDC enthusiast, you’ll find a ton of interesting items on display here, both from his personal collection and as products he offers for sale. Some examples include prybars, keychains, wallets, knives, multitools, and much more.
  • @edc_tactical_photographer – Scott Attaway is a photographer and craftsman, and he puts both skills to good use on his EDC Instagram account. You’ll be able to see a range of items he carries, like guns, knives, tools, and more, along with some striking handkerchiefs he supplies.
  • @trijicon – For firearm enthusiasts who are also part of the EDC culture, this is a good account to follow to stay up on what’s happening with scopes, sights, and more. They also dedicate a number of posts to everyday carry on their feed.
  • @t3gear – With a focus on tactical gear, this company and account presents a lot of action shots, product spotlights, deals, and EDC collections. You’re sure to find some great ideas and gear to add to your own collection from their feed.
  • @tonych_edc – This EDC account posts pictures that really pop! There’s some great use of color and framing that makes the items they put on display truly stand out from the crowd. Give this one a look just for the visual delight!
  • @jack_survivalist – This Italy-based account will give you a look at EDC from another part of the globe. With regular posts for products, and a variety of partnerships and collaborators, you’ll definitely find some new items and some new folks to follow here.
  • @instafr4nk – A very sizable EDC account and for good reason. You’ll find excellent pics of gear, along with product reviews, discussion questions, item and brand shoutouts, and loads more!
  • @pocket.dump.edc.more – This account, which takes submissions, features knives, watches, tools, flashlights, and much more, giving you a look at a wide array of great products available and items treasured by fellow EDC fans.
  • @havestonstraps – Lots of everyday carry enthusiasts make stylish watches part of their gear, so they’ll love this company that offers up plenty of elegant watch straps inspired by military industrial design. If you’re thinking of giving your watch an upgrade, check out this feed!
  • @paulandknife – This German EDC account is run by a designer and you can see both examples of his work along with regular posts featuring everyday carry items like knives, pens, tools, lighters, flashlights, and more.

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