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5 Reasons to Invest in a LaserGear Laser Marking System

Last Updated on Mar 27, 2023

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Laser marking machines have become a solid, quality investment for companies across a wide range of industries.

This is partially due to the vast capabilities of laser marking systems, but is also a result of the continuing advancements made within the laser marking industry itself.

As a smaller business, you may currently be outsourcing your product or part markings, but the costs and shipping times can quickly add up and cut into your business’s revenue.

By investing in a laser marking system for your company, you can help reduce your lead time and even add custom designs to your products – but how do you know which laser marking machine to choose?

There are plenty of industrial laser marking systems on the market, but these are often larger machines meant for bigger companies with high throughput, making them impractical for smaller businesses and facilities.

For this reason, we introduced LaserGear by TYKMA Electrox, a line of entry-level laser marking equipment designed specifically for small businesses and manufacturers.

What Is LaserGear?

Before we delve into reasons why you should invest in laser marking equipment from the LaserGear line, it’s important that you first understand what exactly LaserGear is.

LaserGear is a brand-new line of entry-level laser marking systems from industry-leading manufacturer, TYKMA Electrox.

These new systems are manufactured utilizing the same, advanced MOPA fiber laser technology as our TYKMA Electrox line of systems, but are designed specifically with small- to mid-size businesses and manufacturers, as well as hobbyists, in mind.

Our LaserGear line of laser marking equipment includes compact systems to fit any entry-level need:

  • LaserGear BOQX – This powerful Class 1 laser marking system is a desktop unit built for a diverse set of application capabilities.
  • LaserGear QUBE20W – This laser marking machine is ideal for Class 4 tool post use as a benchtop unit or for integration applications.
  • LaserGear QUBE60W – The QUBE60W is a Class 4 system that allows for 8 selectable pulse durations.

Each of our LaserGear laser marking systems comes with an 18-month warranty, which includes a complete replacement policy should anything happen within the warranty period.

Plus, with our wide range of accessories, there are even more options to choose from, allowing you to create the right laser marking machine to fit your needs.

To learn more about why our LaserGear line of laser marking equipment is an ideal investment for your business, explore the advantages below.

Why Investing in a LaserGear Laser Marking Machine Is the Best Option

While there are other types of entry-level laser marking systems on the market, none of them can compare to the outstanding performance and capabilities of LaserGear’s machines. Featuring a wide range of benefits, it’s clear to see why LaserGear by TYKMA Electrox offers the best entry-level laser engraving machines available.

1. Save Yourself Time and Money

Whether you’re a manufacturer or other small business who has been outsourcing your laser marking or a hobbyist looking to customize your work, our entry-level systems can help save you both time and money. Some key points:

  • For those of you currently outsourcing your marking or utilizing other marking methods such as chemical etching, the cost of these methods can quickly add up.
  • With other part or product marking methods, the supplies and disposal of said supplies can increase your overhead costs, whereas with a laser marking machine you are investing in a single unit that will last for years.
  • Similarly, by outsourcing you are creating a longer lead time for orders, which costs you both in terms of time and money. By bringing a laser marking system in-house, however, you can shorten your lead time and reduce costs by doing the marking yourself.

2. Increase Overall Performance and Flexibility

Not only can purchasing laser engraving equipment assist you in saving time and money, it can also help with your business’s overall performance and capabilities.

By bringing your marking in-house, you increase the services you offer and reduce lead time. Whether you are a small parts manufacturer or a small engraving business, this can make a difference in your overall business.

  • Our small laser marking systems are compact and easily integrate into your current operations or space, regardless if it’s a workshop in your garage or a shop floor.
  • As an entry-level laser marking machine, our systems are also user-friendly, allowing you to easily set them up and begin operations.

Do more for your business and your products by investing in the best laser engraving machines.

3. Utilize Advanced Laser Marking Technology

One of the biggest reasons we offer the best laser engraving machines is because our systems come equipped with the most advanced technology. With LaserGear’s small laser marking machines, each compact unit is designed to offer the most powerful marking capabilities.

All of our laser marking machines are equipped with MOPA fiber laser technology which provides you with clearer, more defined markings than other technologies.

Additionally, they utilize less energy and offer longer pulse durations for high-speed marking and deep engraving applications, further increasing their marking flexibility.

4. Explore New Traceability and Design Capabilities

Part identification and traceability is becoming more and more important for small businesses and manufacturers. Regulations regarding traceability are constantly evolving, but the importance of it remains stronger than ever.

For small businesses and manufacturers, integrating an entry-level small laser marking machine is an easy and economical way to ensure you meet any traceability regulations. A few key points:

  • Laser marking systems have a long-standing history of providing clear, readable permanent markings that meet government and industry identification requirements.
  • Even if you don’t need to meet identification or traceability requirements, laser marking equipment is a great way to brand and add custom design to your products or creations.

5. Purchase Your Laser Marking Equipment from a Company You Can Trust

TYKMA Electrox has decades of experience manufacturing and engineering cutting-edge laser marking equipment. Our long-standing history in the industry allows us to develop and sell the best laser engraving systems on the market.

We offer the most advanced technology, which allows you to have better control and provides clearer markings on your parts or products. Plus, you also get access to our outstanding customer service team, whose knowledge of the products and services is unsurpassed.

At TYKMA Electrox, we believe that everyone should have access to a quality laser marking system, which is why our LaserGear line is tailored to those with small businesses.

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