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Selecting the Right TYKMA Electrox Laser System for You

Last Updated on Mar 27, 2023

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Every TYKMA Electrox laser marking system is equipped with the latest in MOPA fiber laser technology, but how do you know which of our systems is the right one for your facility and operations?

We offer a wide variety of laser marking and engraving equipment to fit any application, but the first thing you need to consider is how you will incorporate your laser marking system into your operations.

At TYKMA Electrox we offer three main types of laser marking systems: desktop/benchtop machines, floor standing machines and integration lasers.

Regardless of which type of system you decide to go with, all of our laser marking machines include:

  • A comprehensive three-year warranty
  • An air-cooled, maintenance-free design
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Advanced capabilities for marking on a variety of materials

Additionally, all of our systems are built in-house, guaranteeing you the same great quality with every machine you purchase.

Keep reading to find out which type of system could be right for your operations and which specific laser marking machine and workstation would be the best choice for you.

Desktop/Benchtop Laser Marking Systems

Assembling laser system

If you are looking for a laser marking machine that you can easily fit onto a desk or work bench, then our Minilase™ series is perfect for you.

This series of laser marking systems consists of machines that differ in wattage and some accessories, but there are several features that all of our Minilase™ systems share.

In addition to the compact sizes of the machines, as well as their ergonomic designs, our entire Minilase™ line also features:

  • Easy Focus Finder System – Allows our machines to easily focus from one component to another
  • Fume Extraction System – Removes dust, fumes and debris from the marking process
  • USB Connection – Run off a simple USB connection to a PC laptop or desktop, making it very easy to set up and mark a variety of text, graphics, 2D codes and more

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Minilase™ e Laser Marking System

The first in the series is the Minilase™ e, our entry level system and also our most cost-effective system. This 10-watt system is ideal for low to medium part throughput, but can be used for high-volume throughput in some instances.

Other features of the Minilase™ e include:

  • Fiber laser with long-lasting reliability
  • Spring-loaded, operator front sliding door
  • Precision scissor lift for focal height adjustment
  • Front-side operator controls

One of the most interesting features of our Minilase™ e is that it has a fold-out touchscreen, which includes interfacing such as access to diagnostic information.

Unlike our other Minilase™ systems, the Minilase™ e uses a passcode entered into the touchscreen to enable marking rather than a key to prevent unauthorized users from running the machine.

Minilase™ Manual Laser Marking System

The next system in our Minilase™ line is our Minilase™ Manual. This is a 20-watt MOPA fiber laser machine, which offers higher power and more capabilities for a variety of applications, including the ability mark on a wider range of materials.

Other key features of our Minilase™ Manual are:

  • Spring-loaded, operator front sliding door
  • T-slot tool plate with power-focus adjustment
  • Key-enabled operation

The Minilase™ Manual also gives you access to a rotary device accessory that allows for 360-degree marking capabilities, which is ideal for marking rings, washers and any other round part you may need to mark.

The Minilase™ Laser Marking System

Similar to our Minilase™ Manual, our Minilase™ features a 20-watt MOPA fiber laser, but is equipped to handle a much larger throughput.

The Minilase™ is designed for the highest level of throughput of our Minilase™ line. This is accomplished through our automated, three-sided pneumatic door, which allows for easy access to feed and mark parts within your workflow.

Some features of the Minilase™ also include:

  • T-slot tool plate with power-focus adjustment
  • Key-enabled operation
  • Pneumatic door with built-in, patented safety system to prevent pinching and crushing
  • Rotary device accessory available for 360-degree marking capabilities

The Minilase™ also has an “easy mode” which essentially triggers the pneumatic door to open once marking is complete. This can help increase efficiency and removes the repetitive motion of the operator opening and closing the door in high-volume instances.

Floor-Standing Laser Marking Systems

Our line of Zetalase™ floor-standing laser marking machines are perfect for facilities with high-volume output.

Each system in the Zetalase™ line includes a few standard features, such as:

  • MOPA Fiber Laser Technology – Each of our floor-standing laser marking systems is equipped with the most advanced laser technology, providing more high-quality marks
  • T-Slot Tool Plate – All our Zetalase™ machines have a T-slot tool plate, making it easier to lock parts in place for marking
  • Access Panel – Although the location may vary, each of our Zetalase™ laser marking systems is equipped with an access panel featuring ethernet, USB, and service connection access

If you are looking for a laser marking machine that can easily handle the large volume output of your facility, then look no further than our Zetalase™ systems.

The Zetalase™ Laser Marking System

The first system in our floor-standing series is the Zetalase™. This laser marking system offers the maximum operator access with its large sliding door and removable side door, providing 180-degree access.

Other features of the Zetalase™ include:

  • Onboard PC with touchscreen interface
  • Full-size rotary device for 360-degree part marking
  • Power focus adjustment
  • Object alignment tool

The Zetalase™ also helps cut down on repetitive motion and increases efficiency with its auto-mode, which enables the machine to automatically start marking as soon as the door is closed.

The Zetalase™ XL Laser Marking Machine

The most popular of our floor-standing systems, our Zetalase™ XL laser marking machine comes in a variety of wattage outputs to fit your facility’s production needs.

As with all our machines, the Zetalase™ XL is designed with operator needs in mind. This particular system features a number of operator-friendly design elements to improve functionality and productivity of the machine.

Some of the ergonomic features of the Zetalase™ XL include:

  • Forklift Slots and Optional Castors for Easy Mobility – Each Zetalase™ XL system is equipped with fork slots so you can effectively move your laser marking machine around the facility. We also offer optional castors for even more mobility
  • Recessed Front Area for Operator Ergonomics – This feature allows operators who are processing a high volume of parts to comfortably sit on a stool in front of the machine without obstructing their knees, while still being close enough to load parts
  • Adjustable Swing Arm to Cater to User Height – The gas-assisted swing arm allows you to easily adjust the height of the monitor, keyboard and mouse to ensure that it’s in the best position for the operator to use the machine

This system also features an auto mode, which allows the operator to simply push “start” and the door will automatically close and the machine will begin marking. The door will open once marking is complete, making it an easy way to process a high volume of parts.

Some other features include:

  • Pneumatic door with built-in, patented safety system to prevent pinching and crushing
  • Dual wave forms for better pulse duration control
  • Available in 20 to 70 watts

With such a wide variety of features and optional accessories, the Zetalase™ XL is a great option for nearly any facility.

Zetalase™ XLT Laser Marking System

The final system in our Zetalase™ line is the Zetalase™ XLT. This laser marking system features proprietary technology that utilizes a special marking head, which allows for a continuous 24” x 24” (610mm x 610mm) marking field without any moving stages or moving parts.

When marking a larger field, the advantages of the Zetalase™ XLT over a traditional XY table system include that the system:

  • Is much easier to program
  • Has a reduced cycle time
  • Can more easily tile and mark large graphics

With traditional XY systems, it is difficult to create seamless markings for large graphics; there are typically gaps, which can result in higher costs to try to make everything level. The Zetalase™ XLT removes these issues from the marking process, saving you both time and money.

Some other features of our superior Zetalase™ XLT include:

  • 70-watt MOPA Fiber Laser
  • Multiple wave forms to allow for marking on a wider variety of materials and applications
  • Cloning feature that allows you to easily program the marking of large trays of parts
  • Front, vertical pneumatic door with patented safety system
  • Programmable Z focus adjustment for automatic focal adjustment before marking
  • Removable side panels to mark longer parts

The Zetalase™ XLT allows for more impressive flexibility and marking capability than you’ll find with other traditional systems. If you need to mark large parts, then the Zetalase™ XLT may be the right system for you.

Integration Laser Marking Systems

Integration laser marking systems are designed to be easily added to your current manufacturing processes.

Our line of integration lasers is equipped with the following features:

  • MOPA Fiber Laser Technology – Featuring the most advanced laser technology, our integration laser marking systems provide higher quality markings
  • Built-in Focus Finder – The built-in focus finder in our integration laser systems allows for fast and easy setup of focal height
  • Standalone Capability – Our integration laser marking systems eliminate the need for a PC on the shop floor or production line

Check out our integration laser marking systems product line to find the right one for your operations.

Scorpion™ Integration Laser

Our Scorpion™ integration laser marking system ranges from 10 to 100 watts and offers selectable pulse durations for better control. It also features our proprietary beam steering technology for high precision and reliability, making it ideal for high-volume applications.

Other features of our Scorpion™ laser marking system include:

  • Handheld pendant for easy control and marking program setup
  • Network capable, allowing you to update from anywhere on the factory floor
  • Available with a variety of focal lenses ranging from 160mm to 420mm

The Scorpion™ integration laser marking system is ideal for marking on metals, carbide, most plastics, as well as painted/anodized materials.

Vereo™ Fiber Laser Marking Machine

With some of the most advanced features on the market, our Vereo™ fiber laser system would be a great addition to your operations. Powered by a MOPA fiber laser engine, the Vereo™ comes in 20- or 50-watt systems.

Some of the other features of the Vereo™ system include:

  • Front-facing operator touch-screen panel
  • External axis control and I/O
  • Camera-assisted marking
  • Mark-on-the-fly option

The Vereo™ laser marking machine allows for high peak power, fast processing times, and maximum flexibility, and it can easily integrate into your current operations.

Vereo™ Smart Laser Marking System

Our Vereo™ Smart integration laser system is one of the newest and most advanced of our units.

The Vereo™ Smart has a marking head made of machined aluminum, creating a more robust and compact system than we’ve ever had before. These design changes also make the Vereo™ Smart ideal for tight integration spaces in automated production.

Featuring a revolutionary control program, the Vereo™ Smart can be controlled, programed and monitored from any device without the installation of additional software. Unlike with traditional machines, you can control the Vereo™ Smart using a PC, smart phone or tablet, anywhere in the facility.

Some other features of the Vereo™ Smart laser marking system include:

  • MOPA fiber laser source up to 50 watts
  • Front-facing touch-screen controls
  • Embedded web interface
  • Setup wizard to connect to common PLCs
  • Easy access to files, laser status and health

These are just a few of the game-changing features of our Vereo™ Smart integration laser system. The Vereo™ Smart is ideal for automated lines, assembly cells and more.

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In addition to the laser marking systems listed above, TYKMA Electrox has numerous other units. With our wide variety of laser marking systems, it’s easy to find one that fits your needs.

Have questions about our laser marking systems? Contact us today and a member of our team will be happy to help you find the perfect system for your operations.

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