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Laser Engraving TESA Tape and Labels

Last Updated on Aug 29, 2023

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If you are dismayed by the performance of metal-plated and printed labels in your facility, consider using TESA tape. TESA tape is a high-performance adhesive that carries data and is resistant to tampering.

Combining these high-strength adhesive labels with laser marking systems provides a durable solution to exhibiting product information. In order to achieve these markings, companies often rely on laser engraving TESA tape to get the job done. Laser engraving TESA tape is a reliable way to get crisp, clear marks that stay in place as long as TESA tape does.

How TESA Tape Can Be an Asset in Your Operations

TESA tape and labels are often found in applications that are exposed to harsh elements. They are useful in a variety of industries and applications, ranging from the automotive field to aerospace. Additionally, they are incredibly versatile, being able to be used on a wide variety of metals and plastics. TESA tape and labels are popular for the following reasons:

  • Durable enough to resist damage of extreme conditions
  • Manipulation leaves a visible trace, making it tamper-evident
  • Provide storage efficiency because they reduce the need for premade labels
  • Content and dimension are highly flexible
  • Laser marking TESA tape produces high-contrast markings on the surface

Uses and Tips

TESA labels exhibit the qualities of a sticker but are designed to withstand extreme elements like intense heat and other outdoor forces. Since it is able to endure chemicals, aging, and abrasion, it is often used for product tracking, logos, and other identification methods like QR codes or Data Matrices after it is marked by laser systems.

Since TESA tape and labels are so strong, there are a few things to keep in mind when you start your application. When applying your TESA tape, you should thoroughly dry the surface. This will promote longevity and ensure that the product lasts in place. Additionally, be sure to affix the tape exactly where you want it the first time, because you will be unable to remove or reposition it later on.

Advantages of Choosing a TYMKA Electrox System for Laser Engraving TESA Tape

TYKMA Electrox has a variety of products that will be helpful when laser marking TESA labels or tape. These laser marking systems can provide:

  • Longevity – Our machines produce long-lasting marks that are as durable as the TESA labels. This will decrease the number of replacements needed and facilitate tracking or other necessary identification.
  • Consistency – Laser engraving on TESA labels means that you can achieve the same mark, time after time. The ongoing reliability of our machines leaves you feeling confident that your marks will be clear and can reduce identification errors later on.
  • Versatility – When laser marking TESA tape, you can achieve a wide array of marks. Additionally, we offer systems for laser etching, marking, and engraving so that you can complete your project efficiently and in the way that will work best with your applications.
  • Authenticity – Promote your brand, tracking number, or other identification methods with a machine that ensures long-lasting marks. This will encourage authenticity as parts move throughout the supply chain and give users confidence that their product matches their expectations.

TYKMA Electrox Is Ready to Put Our Expertise to the Test

With over 55 years of experience, TYKMA Electrox is a leading manufacturer of industrial laser marking systems. Specializing in a variety of applications and industries, we have expertise in laser marking, etching, and engraving.

Our laser systems are engineered to exceed your expectations of specification, design, and use. Check out our laser marking systems today and see how they can be an asset when laser engraving TESA tape!

Some of our systems, available as desktop, free-standing, and integration units, include:

Allow TYKMA Electrox to Help You with Laser Marking TESA Tape

Laser engraving TESA labels ensures that your marks will last through the product lifecycle and stand up to harsh conditions and damaging elements.

TYKMA Electrox is ready to help with your project involving laser marking TESA labels and tape. Please contact us today with any inquiries!

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