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Laser Marking Focal Lenses

A variety of laser marking focal lenses are available for our systems.

Laser Marking Lenses: Product Details

Most of our systems are built with a standard focal lens size. Optional upgrades are available to increase the size of the marking field or modify the laser beam properties. Please consult a sales engineer for system and laser marking focal lens compatibility.

  • Max Part Height
  • Lens Type 
    • Minilase
      • 160mm Small: 4.625
      • 160mm Large: Not available
      • 254mm Small: Not available
      • 254mm Large: Not available
      • 330mm / 420mm: Not available
    • Zetalase
      • 160mm Small: 9.625
      • 160mm Large: 8.725
      • 254mm Small: 4.25
      • 254mm Large: 2.5
      • 330mm / 420mm: Not available
    • Keon Class 1
      • 160mm Small: 5.625
      • 160mm Large: Not available
      • 254mm Small: .125
      • 254mm Large: Not available
      • 330mm / 420mm: Not available
    • Keon Class 4 
      • 160mm Small: 7.625
      • 160mm Large: Not available
      • 254mm Small: 2.25
      • 254mm Large: Not available
      • 330mm / 420mm: Not available

The Absolute Best Customer Service Around

The TYKMA Electrox Minilase 20W fiber laser has been a great asset for us. We were able to quickly migrate our production from older laser technology to the Minilase. It produces a higher-quality mark in less time. We run the machine two shifts per day and it is a key resource in our production process. I wish all of our equipment acquisitions were so productive in such a short time.

Tom Koenig, Manufacturing Manager, Spyderco

The TYKMA Electrox Minilase Manual laser marking system has been a great asset for us. We purchased this equipment recently and were very satisfied with this investment as well as the level of sales and technical support we received from the beginning, during and post-acquisition process.

Greg Golamirians, Director, Manufacturing Engineering, Alfred Mann Foundation

We purchased the Zetalase Fiber for part identification. TYKMA Electrox personnel demonstrated outstanding knowledge of our industry and their products. Recently, a part (under warranty) needed to be replaced. The technician from TYKMA Electrox drove from Ohio to North Carolina to replace the part. Rarely do we see this level of commitment from our vendors.

Troy Crosby, Fixture Manage, James Tool Machine & Engineering, Inc.

Choosing the Right Laser Marking Focal Lens for Your Engraver

The laser marking focal lens that’s right for your company will depend on a variety of factors. When browsing laser marking lenses, it’s important to consider:

  • Thickness of material – As the size or thickness of the material you’re working with increases, so should the size of the focal lens. If the material you’re engraving is small or thin, it will require a smaller lens.
  • Detail of engravement – For optimal results, there will need to be a balance between the thickness of the material and the resolution of the lens. Larger laser marking focal lenses have lower resolutions, but for thick materials, a larger lens is recommended. It’s key to find the size of lens that will work with your material while delivering results in the resolution that you require.
  • Type of material – Different materials respond to laser engraving in different ways. It’s vital to know how your material responds to your laser so that you can adjust your lens choice based upon the type of material that you’re engraving.
  • Laser power – By changing the laser beam’s dot size diameter, the laser marking lens can affect the laser engraver’s power.

Laser Marking Lenses Available from TYKMA Electrox

We have laser marking lenses available in the following types:

Each lens is offered in a number of sizes that are tailored specifically to each laser engraving system.

The Benefits of Laser Marking Focal Lenses

With the ability to add or replace a laser marking lens comes the opportunity to ensure that your marks remain top quality. New lenses also help to ensure that your results can be calibrated and adjusted based on the material you’re engraving. An upgraded focal lens allows you to modify the laser beam properties and increase the size of the marking field as needed.

Our Commitment to Supplying High-Quality Laser Marking Lenses

At TYKMA Electrox, we’re dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality laser marking systems and laser marking accessories on the market. Our team offers consultations and engineers personalized solutions to meet our customers’ needs.

We’re here to deliver laser marking solutions for your business and we understand that laser marking focal lenses are integral parts of those solutions. With our lenses, you’ll be able to make material-based adjustments to your laser engraving production with little disruption.

Contact Us Today for Laser Marking Focal Lenses

Have a question about which lens type is best suited for your operations? Our team of experts is here to help! With years of experience in laser marking solutions, we’re ready to provide guidance and solutions so you can select the laser marking focal lens that’s right for you.

Contact us today with questions or to schedule a consultation.

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