Laser Marking for Aerospace Applications

laser marking aerospace

Laser marking has been utilized by diverse industries over the years, as so many companies have seen the innumerable benefits of the process. One field that has been adopting laser marking and engraving more and more, though, is aerospace.

Since traceability, part identification, and reliability are of paramount importance to this industry, aerospace laser marking stands out as the ideal method to accomplish these goals. Let’s take a look at aerospace part marking and why investing in a laser engraver is the way to go.

The Benefits of Aerospace Laser Engraving

Many parts for aerospace purposes need to be engraved, whether for traceability concerns, serialization, safety, informational reasons, or branding needs. Some of the requirements seen in the aerospace field for their marking and engraving include:

  • High-quality, precise, and reliable marks
  • Marks that are readable to both humans and machines
  • Ability to mark on diverse materials
  • Marks that are repeatable to ensure uniformity for parts
  • Being able to trace any parts later deemed defective, to ensure they are replaced or not utilized

Aerospace laser engraving from efficient laser marking systems is able to provide for all of these needs. Additionally, laser marking systems can supply:

  • Clean, crisp engravings, markings, and etchings
  • More control than other forms of marking
  • No costly consumable requirements
  • Environmentally friendly equipment
  • Cost savings in the long-term
  • Robust and reliable software
  • Customization options, with accessory opportunities
  • Easy to learn and use interfaces

With all of these advantages available when you choose a laser marking system for your aerospace part marking, it’s clear that you will be able to keep your operations running smoothly, efficiently, and safely.

Applications for Aerospace Part Marking

Aerospace companies have used laser engraving for diverse purposes, with more being considered and tested all the time. Some applications include:

  • Cockpit avionic panels
  • Electronic circuit boards
  • Motor units
  • Screw heads
  • Bolts
  • Gear parts
  • Actuators
  • ID plates
  • Landing systems
  • Brake discs
  • Turbine blades
  • Turbine rings
  • Generators
  • Switches
  • Pumps
  • Fuel systems
  • Hydraulics systems
  • Control systems
  • Thermal exchange systems
  • Precision components
  • Drills
  • Maintenance equipment
  • Cutting tools
  • Prototype parts

Additionally, materials that are well-suited for the process that are often utilized by the aerospace industry include:

With all of these applications, plus many more possible, it’s easy to see why aerospace part marking benefits greatly from laser marking and engraving.

Comparisons to Other Marking Methods

While laser marking isn’t the only method available to aerospace companies, it is more reliable in many ways. Some of these include:

  • Dot peen marks can often be difficult to read on the metals used by aerospace companies
  • Other marking methods don’t have the same strong contrast or clarity that a laser mark provides
  • Laser marking systems can easily mark on stairstep, radial, round, conical, and other surfaces
  • Chemical etching necessitates wastewater treatment systems for disposal
  • Laser marks can endure under harsh conditions, something aerospace components regularly face
  • Chemical etching and inkjet marking require costly replacements regularly

For more insights on the benefits of laser engraving over other methods, be sure to visit our comparison post.

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