At TYKMA, We are the Laser Marking Metal Experts

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At TYKMA, We are the Laser Marking Metal Experts

No matter what kind of metal you need to mark, TYKMA Electrox will have the system that gets the job done.

Are you in need of a fully equipped laser marking system? One that has easy-to-use controls, a functional design and other cutting-edge features?

If so, your company has found the right manufacturer in TYKMA Electrox.

TYKMA Electrox’s Solutions to Laser Marking Metal

We offer a variety of different systems and workstations, allowing us to meet the needs of any clients throughout the world. And with our ability to develop custom laser marking solutions, there is no application that we can’t service.

Best of all, our machines can mark any metal.

Our robust line of laser marking systems includes:

Each laser marking metal system from TYKMA Electrox comes equipped with high-powered MOPA fiber laser engines, along with shipping fully assembled and ready to mark with just a minimal amount of setup (and we’re here to help along the way to make it even easier).

Find Your Laser Marking Metal Solution Today

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With a true dedication to customer satisfaction (evidenced by our 24/7/365 support services and the best warranty in the industry to back all of our machines’ top-of-the-line features), there is no better place to take care of your laser marking needs.

To learn more about what makes us a manufacturer that laser marking metal companies prefer, be sure to contact TYKMA Electrox today.

About TYKMA Electrox

We are specialists in industrial laser marking and engraving systems. Our number one focus is the relationship with our customers as we aim to make things simple. From the initial contact through the installation of your laser system and beyond, we strive to provide a personalized consultative approach to solving your application.

Utilizing the latest in MOPA fiber laser technology, our machines offer high end design and are packed with cutting edge features backed with the best warranty in the industry. We can mark a variety of substrates, from all metals to most plastics, from anodized to carbide and more.

Contact us today to learn how TYKMA’s expertise and experience can help solve your application.

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