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Systems for Laser Marking Industrial Tags and Labels

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Created by TYKMA Electrox, LaserGear provides reliable and cost-effective systems that are ideal for laser marking industrial tags. All our systems are manufactured in Ohio and are utilized for a variety of applications across numerous industries. Discover why our workstations are the right choice for laser engraving industrial labels and tags today.

An Overview of Industrial Tags and Labels for Your Application

In the world of industrial manufacturing, home services, and beyond, it is incredibly important to have clear and concise markings to relay information and boost productivity in the workplace. That is why our team highly recommends laser engraving industrial labels as part of your manufacturing process.

Just some of the different identification tags you can incorporate into your applications include the following:

  • Product identification labels
  • Pipe markers
  • Machine or equipment tags
  • Safety precaution signs
  • Shipping or tracking labels

LaserGear Systems Suited for Laser Engraving Industrial Tags

Laser engraved tags and labels are often used to provide a visual reference or asset identification on industrial machinery and equipment. Whether you need a system that marks directly on an individual part or to a tag attached to the item, LaserGear systems are the ideal choice for laser marking industrial tags and labels.

Our LaserGear systems for laser marking industrial labels include:

LaserGear BOQX

It’s important to note that our LaserGear QUBE is available with either a 20 W or 60 W MOPA fiber laser depending on your needs. Learn more about the capabilities of both through the QUBE product page linked above.

Beyond the LaserGear line, we also supply a host of additional systems ideal for laser engraving industrial tags and labels, as well as other items. Please visit our full products page for specs on desktop, free-standing, and integration systems.

In addition to our systems for laser engraving industrial tags, we also provide a variety of accessories that make laser marking even easier. Our accessories include the following:

7 Steps to Laser Marking Industrial Tags

Looking to create clear, high-contrast results when laser engraving industrial labels? If so, follow these steps when utilizing one of our laser workstations:

  • Design the industrial tag or label to your specifications
  • Load your chosen material into your workstation
  • Adjust the workstation settings to fit your needs
  • Test your laser settings before you begin engraving
  • Start laser marking your industrial tag
  • Check the quality and accuracy once the laser pass is complete
  • Clean up and complete additional maintenance if needed

The Benefits of Laser Marking Industrial Tags with a LaserGear System

Equipped with MOPA fiber laser technology, our LaserGear workstations are precise and easy to use, and leave durable marks on every surface. Additional benefits of using our systems when laser engraving industrial labels include:

  • Reduced costs – Our workstations are economical, maintenance-free, and backed by our comprehensive warranty.
  • Quickly mark tags and labels – LaserGear systems are quick and efficient, making them ideal for laser marking industrial labels and tags.
  • Compact machines – Our laser marking machines are either integration or benchtop units that take up little space.
  • Unprecedented customer service – Our customer service team is readily available to answer any questions you may have while operating a LaserGear system.

Laser Engraving Industrial Labels for a Variety of Materials

Additionally, our laser marking systems are very versatile. Our LaserGear systems are equipped to perform optimal laser marking on all the following materials:

Machines Capable of Laser Engraving Industrial Labels and Much More

Since our laser marking systems are versatile and accommodate a large array of materials, they can also be used in a variety of industries. In addition to laser engraving industrial labels, LaserGear workstations can be utilized for the following industries and more:

FAQs on Laser Marking Industrial Tags

How quickly can a compact workstation mark industrial labels?

The time it takes for laser engraving industrial labels can depend on a variety of factors, including the size of the tag itself, the materials being used for the application, and the complexity of the design.

Since identification tags are usually fairly small in size, it can take anywhere from 1 to 2 minutes to create clear and definitive results. From there, you can repeat the action depending on how many tags need to be laser engraved.

When laser engraving industrial labels, can I mark serial numbers?

Absolutely. You have the ability to laser engrave serial numbers or their accompanying barcodes, facilitating easy future scanning.

For more information about laser marking industrial tags that are scannable, check out our informational guide highlighting engraving serial numbers and barcodes.

What workstation maintenance is required when laser marking industrial tags?

When working with any system for laser engraving industrial labels and beyond, it’s important to practice routine maintenance to extend the lifespan of your system. With that in mind, some of the tips we recommend while utilizing your laser marking system include the following:

  • Removing dust and debris from laser mirrors
  • Aligning the laser beam as needed to maintain precise focus
  • Cleaning the laser filters to allow proper airflow through the workstation
  • Verifying all internal cooling fans are running properly
  • Ensuring guide rails and rotating accessories are properly lubricated

On top of regular maintenance, our team recommends running regular software updates to ensure your applications operate as smoothly and efficiently as possible when laser marking industrial tags. 

How durable are the markings on laser engraved tags and labels?

Once you have marked your industrial tags and labels, your designs are permanent. This is because the process of laser marking industrial tags involves removing the existing layers of your chosen material to create deep, legible markings that won’t fade over time. That’s why people choose laser engraving industrial labels when working with items that need to be easily identifiable.

For any additional questions about laser engraving industrial labels, please contact our team directly.

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Choose LaserGear Systems for Laser Marking Industrial Labels and Tags

If you are searching for a system that makes laser engraving industrial tags easy, you can count on the LaserGear line. Contact our team today to learn more about any of our laser systems!

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