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Creative Ways Businesses Are Producing Laser Engraved Art and Designs 

Last Updated on Jan 12, 2024

Creative Ways Businesses Are Producing Laser Engraved Art and Designs 

Laser marking systems are known in many industries as well-rounded tools that are perfect for customization. Here at TYKMA Electrox, for example, our laser marking systems are being used by many manufacturing businesses in fields like automotive, military and defense, oil and gas, and more.

However, the use of our laser marking systems can go beyond just these traditional manufacturing sectors. Another group that has increased its use of lasers in recent years is the artwork and design industry.

It’s also important to note that producing art can go beyond laser engraving techniques and include other approaches like laser cutting and more. With that in mind, discover the endless applications for laser cutting and laser engraving art by checking out our helpful guide.

About Laser Art Engraving

Laser marking systems are being used now more than ever to put a stylistic touch on everything from trendy fashion pieces to functional home decorations. Whether you’re an emerging artist looking to educate yourself about new and innovative processes, or you’re an established designer who wants to forge a new path for your company, you’ll find that there are plenty of ways to utilize laser marking systems for future projects.

To get your artistic juices flowing, we’ve compiled a list of applications that you can try for art laser engraving and cutting.

1. Stationary Invitations

Although alternative methods exist, the traditional method of sending physical invitations for an event in the mail is still incredibly popular. Whether it’s a wedding or a baby shower, many occasions in life can be celebrated with a personalized invite.

People have gravitated toward using laser cut invites because they provide precision cutting, leading to beautiful detail and high-quality results. Other stationery items that utilize laser cutting approaches include envelopes, notepads, and pencils.

Example: Janice Paper

This company makes laser cut wedding invitations in many different styles such as flat and trifold, and customers can choose from different colors, sizes, and fonts. Their unique and beautiful invitations just go to show that the applications for crafting designs with a laser workstation are endless!

2. Brick Pavers

Another way that laser marking has been integrated into the world of art and design is through marking on brick.

From buying fundraising brick pavers in front of a building with your family or company name on them to engraving your address on a brick that will be placed at the front of your house, there are many ways this type of laser engraved art can be utilized to increase the aesthetic or curb appeal of a residence or business.

Example: PAVEART

Brick by brick, PAVEART’s laser engraved art includes creating customized pavers for memorial plazas, parks, walkways, and more. So, whether you are fundraising for a school or church program, or even memorializing a specific fire or police department, art laser engraving can result in beautifully customized bricks that are the perfect fit for any application.

3. Glassware

Artists and designers can creatively express themselves by making personalized, laser marked glassware. The options for custom glassware seem to be endless, as you have the ability to mark on wine glasses, champagne flutes, bottles, and more. Demand for glasses with company logos, monogrammed initials, names, and addresses seems to be steadily increasing, as people have taken more interest in personalized items designed through the process of art laser engraving.

Example: Wolverine Glass Products

This company is able to perform laser marking on glassware to fit your requests. They have marked on a variety of glass products such as table tops and cabinet doors. Check out this form of laser engraved art for your next project today!

4. Custom Signs

Taking people’s increased interest in personalized items a step further, designers have begun making custom laser etched signs for a variety of companies specializing in everything from food to merchandising. These signs can include aspects like logos, graphics, instructions, full menus, family mottos, and more.

By investing in custom signs, you’re guaranteeing that your business or home will have a sign that nobody else in the world has. And when it’s created via a laser marking system, this sign not only is completely custom – it’s durable and made from high-quality products.

Example: Carolina Statements

This company’s Etsy shop offers many types of signs that have been created using a laser cutter. Some of the signs you can expect to find include those with inspirational quotes, American flags, and more.

5. Jewelry

Fashion designers have been customizing many types of jewelry for centuries, and countries such as India have been seeing an increase in laser marking technology and research in recent years. These new developments have allowed workers, jewelers, artists, and designers to create necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and more – all using a laser marking product or laser cutting workstation.

Laser marked jewelry has been a fashion trend in recent years, as monogrammed jewelry with a name or set of initials has continued to grow in popularity. Jewelry materials that can work with laser marking systems are also becoming more versatile, with options including sterling silver, copper, titanium, aluminum, and more.

Example: Molly M Designs

Professionally trained as an architect, Molly McGrath first used laser cutting machines to create architectural models and now owns her own studio, where she designs laser cut jewelry on wood, leather, and metal. She truly takes art created with a laser system to the next level!

6. Wood Carvings

Another way that artists can create made-to-order, laser engraved art products is by marking on wood. That’s because most high-quality laser marking systems can accommodate a wide range of surfaces, including more delicate materials like wood.

With this in mind, wood-carved products are perfect if you’re looking for something laser marked that also has a rustic charm. Some examples of items crafted through the process of art laser engraving include personalized canvas, clocks, serving trays, plaques, and even guitars.

Example: Woodums

Woodums performs artistic laser marking on wood to create just about any product you can think of, from outlines of your home state to cutting boards for the kitchen. You can also make a custom order!

7. Paper Products and Packaging

Many industries have been using paper products that are personalized, whether to establish a company’s brand, create credibility, express a more artistic side, or for other varying reasons.

Whatever your motivation may be, your business can gain more creative control when customizing laser engraved art such as business cards, cardboard boxes, and gift wrapping.

Example: Eloquense

This company has made innovations by marking on paper products such as business cards and art pieces. From their headquarters in Finland, they proudly ship their laser engraved art worldwide.

8. Leather Products

Laser marking on leather is a creative outlet for fashion designers to take their pieces to the next level. When it comes to apparel, leather can be used to customize a pair of shoes, make patches for shirts and pants, personalize a watch, and more. Other applications for laser marking onto leather can include making book covers, bookmarks, coasters, and more.

Example: Crystal Images, Inc.

This company performs art laser engraving on many different materials, including genuine leather, and allows for custom orders. Products they’ve customized out of leather include bags and baseball gloves.

FAQs About Creating Laser Engraved Art

How does laser engraving art work?

When creating laser engraved art, the laser beam focuses on the surface of the object to modify the material based on a generated digital design. The design then goes through the engraving process using the controlled application of heat. Once complete, the end product consists of a clear and high-contrast design that’s noticeable to the eye and touch.

What are the benefits of creating laser engraved art?

The benefits associated with laser engraving art are virtually limitless. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Precision and detail – Laser engraving gives artists a means of creating intricate and finely detailed designs that may not be possible using other methods.
  • Customization – Artists can easily craft unique engravings with the help of laser engraving. This includes names, dates, designs, and more.
  • Durability – Laser engraving on art supplies a long-lasting solution that is resistant to wear, meaning that the markings will last and buyers don’t need to worry about fading or peeling.

What types of designs are suitable for laser engraving?

Laser engraving can produce a variety of designs, whether you need to make an intricate pattern or a bit of text. The technique is also capable of producing detailed illustrations and customized graphics for truly unique pieces that stand out from what is currently offered on the market.

What maintenance is required for a laser engraving machine?

Whether you’re marking, engraving, or etching, maintenance requirements vary by the machine and the amount they are used. However, basic routines include cleaning the lens, checking and aligning the laser, and ensuring proper ventilation. These tasks help ensure the longevity of the equipment and encourage user safety.

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