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LaserGear Provides the Best Systems for Laser Marking Jewelry

If you’re in the jewelry business, or like to create jewelry as a hobby, you know the value and importance that engraving plays for the pieces you craft. Being able to incorporate information onto any given piece, particularly text for personalization, let’s you provide additional services in your business that the customer greatly appreciates.

In the past, hand engraving and basic machine engraving were the only options available to jewelry-makers, but as technology has advanced [...]

Which Laser Engraver Should I Buy?

The LaserGear line of laser marking systems was designed with the needs of hobbyists and small businesses in mind, delivering reliable entry-level systems for marking and engraving at an economical investment.

But once you decide to acquire a laser engraver for your operations, you’ll probably be wondering just which laser engraver to buy, and which will perform best for your needs.

In this post, we’ll examine each of our efficient laser marking systems and highlight their [...]

Laser Marking Systems for Industrial Tags and Labels

Created by TYKMA Electrox, LaserGear provides reliable and cost-effective marking systems that are ideal for laser marking industrial tags. All our systems are manufactured in Ohio and are utilized for a variety of applications across a number of industries.

LaserGear Systems Suited for Laser Engraving Industrial Tags
Laser engraved tags and labels are often used to provide a visual reference or asset identification on industrial machinery and equipment or machinery. Whether you need a system [...]

5 Reasons to Invest in a LaserGear Laser Marking System

Laser marking machines have become a solid, quality investment for companies across a wide range of industries. This is partially due to the vast capabilities of laser marking systems, but is also a result of the continuing advancements made within the laser marking industry itself.

The Best Laser Marking Machine for the Everyday Carry Industry

Everyday carry, or EDC, has really taken off in recent years, with some considering it a trend, others a lifestyle, and some crafting an industry around it or expanding their operations to accommodate it.

5 Reasons You Should Choose a LaserGear System from TYKMA Electrox for Laser Marking Business Cards

At TYKMA Electrox, we design and manufacturers precise, durable laser marking and engraving systems that can be used for countless applications. One particular application becoming increasingly popular is laser engraved business cards. For everything from small companies to large businesses, choosing a LaserGear system from TYKMA Electrox is the perfect solution for your needs.

The Vereo UV Integration Laser Is Ideal for Laser Engraving Electronic Chips

When it comes to laser engraving electronic chips, accuracy is crucial. At TYKMA Electrox, our Vereo UV Integration Laser is precise, fast, and reliable, making it the ideal choice for laser marking electronic chips.

Thoughtful Impressions Q&A

We’ve crafted another entry in our spotlight series, and this time we have reached out to client and jewelry company Thoughtful Impressions to get some insights on their operations and offerings, and to showcase how our laser marking equipment has benefited them and their customers. Give it a look! And if you haven’t seen our interview with their sister company StickyJMedical, visit that one too!

TYKMA Systems Are Ideal for Laser Engraving Food and Food Packaging

The Process of Laser Marking Food The process of laser engraving food, or “natural branding,” uses a UV laser engraver to create a mark on fruits, vegetables, and a variety of other food products. Laser marking systems can be programmed to engrave barcodes, serial numbers, expiration dates, and even logos onto food.

4 Tips for Proper Laser Engraver Maintenance

TYKMA Electrox manufactures durable laser marking, etching, and engraving systems that are incredibly versatile and precise. We strive to supply innovative solutions to each of our customers by providing high-quality, cost-effective products for their permanent identification needs.