Looking for a Custom Laser Marking Machine? Choose TYKMA Electrox!

At TYKMA Electrox, we supply a wide variety of premium laser marking systems that can boost your facility’s efficiency and provide you with a host of benefits. These systems range in size and functionality, allowing companies to find the ideal unit to integrate into their operations. But sometimes a business requires a system tailored to a specific function or application, which is where our custom laser marking machines come in. Read on to learn about […]

Counterfeiting in Manufacturing: How Big Is the Problem and How to Protect Your Business

Counterfeiting is a problem for a large variety of businesses, with manufacturing being one of the sectors that is most affected by the practice. Our TYKMA Electrox laser marking systems are an ideal way to help your company combat these counterfeiting threats, which we’ll detail below. But first, let’s take a look at the impact counterfeiting is having on manufacturing globally.

The Evolution and History of Laser Marking and Engraving

On our news page, we like to regularly highlight new technologies, trends, and innovations, but we also like to look back at key points in manufacturing history to show how far the field has come. For this post, we thought we’d take a look at the history of laser marking and engraving, addressing the technological leaps that were needed to bring the processes about. Give it a look!

TYKMA Electrox Forms 3D Laser Imaging Partnership with Cerakote

TYKMA Electrox is pleased to announce their partnership with Cerakote, an industry-leading company that provides thin-film ceramic coating for a number of materials and applications. First announced at SHOT Show in January 2019, this partnership will advance the imaging on products with Cerakote coatings by combining it with TYKMA Electrox’s laser marking abilities on various 3D objects such as knives and firearms.
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Join TYKMA Electrox at EASTEC 2019

From May 14 through May 16, TYKMA Electrox will be attending EASTEC 2019, the leading northeast manufacturing trade show. This year’s show will be at the Eastern States Exposition in West Springfield, Massachusetts. Read on for insights about the event and what to expect from TYKMA Electrox!

TYKMA Electrox to Host Open House at Colchester Machine Tools in Elland, West Yorkshire

Come check out some of TYKMA Electrox’s high-quality laser marking systems, including a few of the newest entry-level machines from our LaserGear line at our open house located at the Colchester Machine Tools location in the UK, May 21 – 23. Witness Cutting-Edge Technology Tour our new UK facility in Elland, West Yorkshire, and see some of our top-selling machines in action. At TYKMA Electrox, we’ve established ourselves as leaders of creating the highest-quality and […]
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How to Utilize Color Laser Marking in Your Manufacturing Processes

In previous posts, we’ve highlighted the value of incorporating a laser system into your operations, especially when compared to other marking technologies.

The Definitive Guide to MOPA Fiber Lasers

Lasers play an integral role in our society. No doubt one of the most important innovations of modern times, the laser is used across many different industries, including in such diverse fields as automotive, aerospace, medical, oil & gas, electronics and more.

The laser has evolved significantly since Theodore Maiman created the first working system for the technology in 1960, using ruby as a lasing medium that was stimulated with high-energy flashes of intense light [...]

TYKMA Electrox 2018: A Year in Review

2018 has been a huge year for not only TYKMA Electrox, but the laser engraving industry as a whole! From 3D laser marking to our new entry-level brand LaserGear to even lasers in space, 2018 has been a year worth of great new additions to the industry. Keep on reading to get a better idea of the innovations we’ve brought to the field as well as other interesting things within the laser etching market.

What Are the Differences Between Laser Marking, Laser Engraving and Laser Etching

Thanks to industrial and government regulations regarding clearly legible product and part identification, the processes of laser marking, laser etching and laser engraving are increasing in popularity.
All three of these laser services provide a permanent marking solution, fulfilling regulations and adding distinction to your products and parts.
But what sets them apart?
While the three techniques may seem similar, there are actually quite a few differences between them.
The differences between laser marking, laser [...]