How to Laser Engrave Metal: A 5-Step Guide

Small businesses and hobbyists who regularly produce parts for their customers can greatly benefit from efficient laser engraving systems. These diverse systems can work with a wide range of materials fulfilling vital roles. But if you’re wondering just how to use a laser engraver and what goes into the process, you’re not alone. The good […]

Which Laser Engraver Should I Buy?

The LaserGear line of laser marking systems was designed with the needs of hobbyists and small businesses in mind, delivering reliable entry-level systems for marking and engraving at an economical investment. But once you decide to acquire a laser engraver for your operations, you’ll probably be wondering just which laser engraver to buy, and which […]

Laser Marking Systems for Industrial Tags and Labels

Created by TYKMA Electrox, LaserGear provides reliable and cost-effective marking systems that are ideal for laser marking industrial tags. All our systems are manufactured in Ohio and are utilized for a variety of applications across a number of industries. LaserGear Systems Suited for Laser Engraving Industrial Tags Laser engraved tags and labels are often used […]

5 Reasons You Should Choose a LaserGear System from TYKMA Electrox for Laser Marking Business Cards

At TYKMA Electrox, we design and manufacturers precise, durable laser marking and engraving systems that can be used for countless applications. One particular application becoming increasingly popular is laser engraved business cards. For everything from small companies to large businesses, choosing a LaserGear system from TYKMA Electrox is the perfect solution for your needs.