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Q&A with Rick Breeden, Founder of ZeroFeud

Last Updated on Jun 14, 2023


Here at TYKMA Electrox, we offer a variety of laser marking products that can be used for a range of applications. One example of this versatility can be seen in ZeroFeud, an everyday carry gear company that makes custom, high-end products.

Rick Breeden, the founder of the company and the designer of each product, owns a Minilase XL and has used it to perform laser marking on everything from fidget spinners to compasses and more.

We interviewed Breeden to learn more about ZeroFeud, his background, and how TYKMA Electrox has contributed to his growing company.

  • Briefly provide some background on ZeroFeud: Where did the name come from, and what drew you to the industry of laser marking?
  • ZeroFeud (ZF) is a manufacturer of premium, custom, everyday carry gear. ZF was born on the grounds of no fights and no discussions. Making only the best and it wasn’t an option for anything else.
  • What differentiates your line of products from others being manufactured around the world? How does ZeroFeud stand out from the competition?
  • We strive to make the best we can. We are also not afraid to try things others have not tried or will not try.
  • Fidget spinners, specialty products of yours, have been a top trend in recent years. How did you first get into making them, and what does that process typically look like?
  • It was a niche market I found and I just hit it hard. My products were very well received and I’m very blessed for that. We follow a full product life cycle. Idea, CAD modeling, prototypes, revisions, production machining, surface finishing, packaging, sales, and shipping.
  • How do you determine which products you’re going to focus on? Would you say you’re influenced more by industry trends or customer requests?
  • The market sort of helped guide me. I’m blessed to be fairly creative so I’ve been very lucky, because the things I try during testing end up being well received. I do follow what customers want. It doesn’t make sense to chase your competition – it’s better to give the customer what they really want.
  • Has social media been an influence to your design process at all? Do you think social media is important for manufacturers to utilize?
  • I would not be where I am at right now without it. Facebook and Instagram were pivotal in raising brand awareness. I think most manufacturers still underrate it at the moment. To think you have direct access to potential buyers on a personal level is mind-blowing. You can catch them off guard and have access to an unbiased attempt at delivering them value in your knowledge.
  • Which of TYKMA Electrox’s laser marking systems have you used, either currently or in the past, and why did you choose to work with TYKMA Electrox?
  • Just my Minilase XL 70w EP. I spoke with numerous laser manufacturers and I just clicked with TYKMA Electrox. They seemed to care, didn’t pressure me, and offered to help in any way possible. Added with what I felt was a better value, I couldn’t say no. I can’t say I got the same from all other companies I spoke with.
  • Would you recommend TYKMA Electrox’s marking systems to other manufacturers? Why or why not?
  • YES! All I can say is call them. You’ll likely get the same feelings I got after one call.
  • How has the laser from TYKMA Electrox improved your products and capabilities?
  • It’s added endless finishing options. I use my machine in a nontraditional “part marking” manner. It’s more an artistic and decorative style. I’m able to deeply engrave some VERY detailed art or even color metals with light passes. With the added capabilities, I’m able to make more profit per part or give my customer something they just cannot get elsewhere.

A post shared by Rick (@zerofeud) on

A post shared by Rick (@zerofeud) on

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