Custom Laser Engraving Machines

If our standard products are not a fit for your application, or you need a custom solution to get the job done, we can help. TYKMA Electrox can engineer a perfect-fit custom laser engraving machine for your application.

laser marking system

Laser marking, etching, and engraving systems are engineered with precision and attention to fine detail. Our systems are designed and assembled with meticulous craftsmanship in the USA and serve thousands of customers worldwide. At TYKMA Electrox, we have the unique ability to provide you with custom laser marking machines, and our team is skilled at meeting the unique needs of specific industries and applications.

The systems we supply range in size and functionality, allowing companies to find the ideal unit to integrate into their operations. But sometimes a business requires a system tailored to a specific function or application, which is where our custom laser marking machines come in.

Featured Custom Laser Engraving Machine

One custom system we designed was created to deep engrave caliber information on revolver cylinders. We designed custom workholding and integrated machines to verify the mark presence pre and post mark, fulfilling the needs of the client.

laser engraving machine

Engraving Revolver Cylinders

Custom workholding allows the operators of our customized engraving system to easily place the cylinders in a repeatable location for marking in various locations around the part.

Custom Laser Marking Systems

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The Absolute Best Customer Service Around

I’ve learned how awesome laser marking is! The new station for laser marking is creating a lot of buzz around our shop floor and in our offices and we are very happy with the performance of the EMS400. Everyone can’t believe how fast it is.

Moataz Ibrahim, Protocase Incorporated

I have been nothing but pleased with the entire process and relationship I have had with TYKMA Electrox. I bought a Minilase a couple years ago and everything went off without a hitch.

Jeff Forbush, Owner, 4Bush Weapons

The TYKMA Electrox Minilase 20W fiber laser has been a great asset for us. We were able to quickly migrate our production from older laser technology to the Minilase. It produces a higher-quality mark in less time.

Tom Koenig, Manufacturing Manager, Spyderco

Custom Laser Engraving Machines

Custom laser engraving machines from TYKMA Electrox offer tailor-made solutions for your business’s needs, letting you mark, etch, and engrave your components for traceability, branding, aesthetic appeal, and more. With decades of experience in the laser marking field, our team is here to increase efficiency, solve problems, and provide insights, delivering customized laser engraving systems based specifically on your requirements.

And when you work with our experienced team for a custom laser engraving machine, you also gain access to range of support services. We can supply:

  • Onsite training at your facility
  • Onsite training at TYKMA Electrox facilities
  • Online training
  • Startup assistance
  • Remote assistance
  • 24/7, 365-days-a-year emergency phone support
  • Preventative maintenance

Find the Ideal Laser Marking Machine with Sample Testing

Interested in discovering if we have a laser engraving machine that’s right for you? Send us samples of your product and we’ll provide test markings. Free of charge, our team will evaluate which laser marking machine is the best fit for your needs, and we’ll make product recommendations or work with you to develop a custom laser marking machine.

Our 50,000-square-foot facility in Ohio is fully equipped to develop custom laser engraving machines unique to your application. With customization available in beam optics, accessories, analytical tools, and more, we’re here to provide you with the custom laser marking solution you need to get the job done.

Read on to learn about our various custom laser marking systems that can all be modified to your specifications.

WK Series Laser Marking Systems

The WK Series is a versatile Class 1 laser marking system that features an expandable, large work envelope and can integrate numerous TYKMA Electrox laser markers, such as our Vereo. Some of the notable features of the WK Series include:

  • A modular design ideal for build-to-order design, large parts, or custom fixtures and processes
  • Safety interlocking and a safety viewing window
  • A T-slot work surface and illuminated enclosure
  • A monitor, keyboard, and mouse on a swing arm
  • An operator control pendant with a key start
  • Floor mounts or locking mobile castors
  • Fixed, power, and automatic focal height
  • An industrial power surge protection strip
  • Benchtop and floor-standing configurations available
  • Front operator interface door with AutoStart
  • MOPA fiber laser, CO2 laser, and UV laser options to meet your marking and application needs

Options and accessories for these custom laser engraving machines include:

XY Series Laser Marking Systems

The XY Series is a Class 1 system ideal for high throughput operations, as well as the marking of large parts and surfaces that require marks on multiple locations. Some of the notable features of the XY Series include:

  • The ability to mark large parts or trays of multiple pieces in a single programmed operation
  • Automatic XY staging for expanded marking areas
  • Power/automatic Z-axis focal height adjustment
  • Safety interlocking and a safety viewing window
  • A T-slot work surface and illuminated enclosure
  • A monitor, keyboard, and mouse on a swing arm
  • An operator control pendant with a key start
  • Four full-size service doors

Options and accessories for these custom laser marking machines include:

  • Rotation axis for 360° part marking
  • An automatic part-loading door
  • Custom fixtures
  • Fume and dust extraction unit
  • Custom software solutions

Custom Dial Index Laser Marking Systems

The Custom Dial Index is a Class 1 system ideal for marking a wide range of products, allowing the operator to load and unload completed parts while others are still being marked. Some of the notable features of the Custom Dial Index include:

  • A two-position 500 mm or 800 mm rotary index table
  • Safety interlocking and a safety viewing window
  • A monitor, keyboard, and mouse on an adjustable swing arm
  • An operator control pendant with a key start
  • Four full-size service doors
  • Fixed, power, and programmable focal height adjustment

Options and accessories for these custom laser engraving machines include:

  • Custom fixtures
  • Fume and dust extraction unit
  • Custom software solutions

Build-to-Order Laser Marking Systems

Our Build-to-Order laser marking systems will let you find the “perfect fit” for your operations. We’ll evaluate your specific requirements when it comes to laser marking, determine which product aspects are most worthwhile, then craft your new system to meet exacting specifications, including sizing, safety, and spacing needs.

Some of the possible features of our Build-to-Order, custom laser engraving machines include:

  • Automatic data plate feeding systems
  • Robotic part loading and unloading
  • Automated part handling
  • Custom part fixtures and trays
  • Machine vision and part inspection
  • Custom software and database solutions
  • Integrated inline laser systems

Below, you can see one of our Build-to-Order systems in operation, the Pick and Place Nameplate and Tag Laser Marking System:

Another example of our custom laser marking systems can be seen in operation in the following video:

What to Expect When Ordering a Custom Laser Marking Machine

TYKMA Electrox can design and build an engineered laser marking system to suit your unique applications. First, we evaluate your part marking requirements, determine your operational needs, and evaluate your production environment. Next, our skilled engineers will design the marking system to your exact specifications, safety needs, and size conventions.

Beyond the machine design, we also provide custom-tailored software interfaces and routines for in-plant data collection to improve your overall productivity, ensure quality, and reduce downtime. Ultimately, when working with our team of laser marking experts for these systems, you can trust that each machine is custom, one-of-a-kind, and crafted to meet your application requirements.

Just like with out standard laser marking systems, our custom laser marking machines are able to provide a host of benefits and features, which include:

  • Advanced marking capabilities that are designed to exacting quality standards
  • Options for systems featuring high-powered MOPA fiber lasers, CO2 lasers, and UV lasers, facilitating marking on virtually any kind of material needed in production
  • Premium laser marking software that can customize designs for your parts and products
  • Air-cooled, maintenance-free, solid-state designs
  • Industry-leading warranties
  • No calibrations required, providing simple operation
  • No water cooling, alignments, or lamps required
  • Compact machine footprints and ergonomic designs
  • Production-ready workstations that are delivered fully assembled with only minimal setup needed
  • Ability to produce a wide array of marks, including QR codes, serial numbers, bar codes, dates, logos, branding information, item numbers, graphics, personal messages, and much more
  • No cracking, peeling, fading, or rubbing off of marks, since laser marking is a permanent solution

For more information regarding custom laser marking machines from TYKMA Electrox, get in touch with one of our skilled sales engineers.

A Custom Laser Engraving Machine for Every Industry

Whether you’re marking products for traceability or branding, we have laser marking solutions for every need and field. We’ve served industries such as:

  • Aerospace – Our custom laser engraving machines have been used to mark a variety of products in the aerospace industry. From traceability numbers to cockpit legend plates and more, you can achieve a range of solutions from our systems. Plus, we can help our clients implement MIL-STD UID markings to meet compliance requirements.
  • Automotive – Whether you have high-volume or low-volume needs in the automotive industry, our systems can provide, as we offer 2D code marking and more. Commonly laser engraved parts include gas caps, exhaust and filtration systems, engine components, electronics, VIN number plates and asset tags, fuel injection and supply systems, and more.
  • Electronics – We supply custom laser marking machines for nickel- and gold-plated components for a range of electronic industry components. Our team also has experience with delicate PCB etching, wafer scribing, and the marking of plastic housings and wiring components, so we can provide systems for just what you need in your operations.
  • Medical – From marking implants to medical tools and beyond, we’re equipped to accommodate all of your unique applications in the medical field. This includes facilitating UDI marking to meet compliance requirements set by the FDA.
  • Defense – At TYKMA Electrox, we understand the importance of laser marking in the defense industry. From its abilities in deep engraving to its reliable magazine marking and more, our equipment is here to help you succeed. You can read more about our capabilities in this area and see some examples on our pages for firearms, gun cases, and knives, as well as our Cerakote partnership page.
  • General industrial – If you’re in one of many industrial sectors, TYKMA Electrox can supply you with custom laser engraving machines designed to your specifications. This can include for working with HVAC systems, plumbing, heavy equipment, farm machinery, and much more.
  • Products and goods – Promotional products, decorative items, and awards transcend industry, as these items can be used in tradeshows, ceremonies, customer outreach, and much more. Our custom laser marking machines will give you the ability to quickly and precisely mark on glassware, home goods, jewelry, pens, cups, tumblers, water bottles, trophies, key chains, and plenty of other items, incorporating branding and other information.

FAQs About Custom Laser Engraving Machines

Can you help me determine the laser marking system I need?

Absolutely! Our team members have extensive experience and they have done it all and seen it all. No matter what your industry focus or application need is, we’ll either have a solution in mind or be able to develop one in our state-of-the-art labs.

We’ll discuss the parts and products you plan to mark, their material composition, their size, their applications and the environments they will be found in, and more to help you decide on a variety of laser marking options.

How will I know if I need a MOPA fiber laser, a CO2 laser, or a UV laser?

The laser system you ultimately select will be largely based on the materials you plan to work with. As discussed in our laser comparison post, high-powered MOPA fiber lasers are more suited to various metals, plastics, coated materials, and more. CO2 lasers, on the other hand, are employed when wood, glass, some plastics, rubber, cardboard, and other softer materials are being marked. UV lasers, meanwhile, are adept at cold marking, which is ideal for silver, gold, and copper, along with polyethylene, silicon, and other surfaces.

Our team will discuss each laser type with you when planning your custom laser marking machine, letting you select the best option for your facility’s needs.

Can I incorporate accessories into my custom laser marking machine design?

Yes! Our team supplies a wide range of accessories for our equipment, including rotary devices, fume extraction systems, handheld pendants, programmable Z-axes, focal lenses, benchtop tool posts, and more.

During our discussions about your custom system, we can go over accessory options so you can get exactly what you need in your operations.

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