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Vereo™ Smart Integration Fiber Laser Marking System

Our Vereo Smart is a flexible fiber laser system, ideal for integration into production cells or automated workstations without the need for an external control PC.

Product Details

Vereo™ Smart is the ultimate tool for manufacturers and integrators requiring a laser marking system for automated lines, assembly cells and more. An air-cooled low-maintenance MOPA fiber laser source up to 100 watts can solve a variety of marking applications. Vereo™ Smart, equipped with an onboard controller, features a network interface to access the laser system from any device, for marking program management and modification as well as process monitoring. PLC connectivity for data control is easy to set up using a simple wizard. With a compact footprint, Vereo™ Smart is a powerful marking tool for any integration laser marking application. Our fiber lasers mark all metals, most plastics, carbide, anodized aluminum, painted or coated materials and more. Powerful MOPA fiber laser technology enhances the marking capabilities over basic q-switched fiber laser systems. Selectable pulse durations allow for the processing of a wider variety of materials and substrates.

  • Class 4 Integration MOPA Fiber Laser
  • Laser Options Include a 20W to 100W MOPA Fiber Laser
  • Available with a Standard or Compact Scan Head
  • 19” Rack Mount Compatible Controller (with Rack Mount Accessory)
  • Touchscreen Interface with Password-Protected Start, Laser Program Selection and Editing, Status Display, and Diagnostics
  • Embedded Controller for Operation without the need for an Inline or Connected PC
  • Remote Laser Management via Any Networked Device Using a Web Browser Based GUI
  • Discreet I/O for Automated Control 
  • Air-Cooled and Low Maintenance
  • Optional Rotary Devices, Rack Mount Shelf, and More

Major Features

Built for Integration

Integration into automated work cells or custom enclosures is simple with a compact scan head option and 19”-rack-mount-compatible controller.

Remote Laser Management

Access Vereo Smart using any web-browser-equipped device on the same network to manage marking programs. Add, modify, or delete laser programs, view your status, process data, and more.

Automation Control

Discreet I/O allows for automated laser control. Quickly set up a data transfer handshake between common brand PLCs with a simple wizard or use our standard TCP/IP command protocol for handshaking with third-party software, databases, or devices.


The Absolute Best Customer Service Around

The TYKMA Electrox Minilase 20W fiber laser has been a great asset for us. We were able to quickly migrate our production from older laser technology to the Minilase. It produces a higher-quality mark in less time. We run the machine two shifts per day and it is a key resource in our production process. I wish all of our equipment acquisitions were so productive in such a short time.

Tom Koenig, Manufacturing Manager, Spyderco

The TYKMA Electrox Minilase Manual laser marking system has been a great asset for us. We purchased this equipment recently and were very satisfied with this investment as well as the level of sales and technical support we received from the beginning, during and post-acquisition process.

Greg Golamirians, Director, Manufacturing Engineering, Alfred Mann Foundation

We purchased the Zetalase Fiber for part identification. TYKMA Electrox personnel demonstrated outstanding knowledge of our industry and their products. Recently, a part (under warranty) needed to be replaced. The technician from TYKMA Electrox drove from Ohio to North Carolina to replace the part. Rarely do we see this level of commitment from our vendors.

Troy Crosby, Fixture Manage, James Tool Machine & Engineering, Inc.

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