Standard Laser Marking Machines

From compact benchtop laser systems to full-size machines, we offer an expansive line of standard laser marking systems and laser wavelengths to solve any marking application. Our sales engineers are here to guide you to the best-fit solution, so reach out with any questions you have about our standard laser system products.

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Laser marking, etching, and engraving systems are engineered with precision and attention to fine detail. Our standard laser marking systems are designed and assembled with meticulous craftsmanship in the USA and serve thousands of customers worldwide.

Featured Product

The Minilase XL fiber laser system is equipped with key features such as the three-side pneumatic vertical door with a patented safety system, power focal height adjustment, and auto-mode for high-volume applications.

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Minilase XL

Our unique automatic vertical door offers access from three sides, reducing operator strain for high-volume applications.

The Absolute Best Customer Service Around

I’ve learned how awesome laser marking is! The new station for laser marking is creating a lot of buzz around our shop floor and in our offices and we are very happy with the performance of the EMS400. Everyone can’t believe how fast it is.

Moataz Ibrahim, Protocase Incorporated

I have been nothing but pleased with the entire process and relationship I have had with TYKMA Electrox. I bought a Minilase a couple of years ago and everything went off without a hitch.

Jeff Forbush, Owner, 4Bush Weapons Systems

The TYKMA Electrox Minilase 20W fiber laser has been a great asset for us. We were able to quickly migrate our production from older laser technology to the Minilase. It produces a higher-quality mark in less time.

Tom Koenig, Manufacturing Manager, Spyderco

Reliable Standard Laser Marking Systems from TYKMA Electrox

At TYKMA Electrox, we’ve had the good fortune of providing reliable, efficient laser marking systems to customers for decades, delivering first-in-class equipment that produces repeatable, precise marks. Along with our more specialized high-throughput laser marking machines and integration laser marking machines, we also supply a wide range of standard laser marking machines that are ideal for diverse industries and applications.

These standard laser marking systems feature MOPA fiber lasers, UV lasers, or CO2 lasers depending on the unit and the customer’s application needs. Our product options include:

zetalase xl

Best yet, our standard laser marking machines feature a wealth of benefits, which include the following:

  • 24/7/365 customer service team available for assistance
  • Units able to mark on a wide variety of materials
  • Air-cooled, solid-state, maintenance-free designs
  • The processes of laser marking, engraving, etching, frosting, foaming, annealing, and more are all possible with our systems
  • Industry-leading warranties to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Clean, crisp marks that won’t peel or fade over time and can be produced reliably and repeatably
  • Workstations that are delivered fully assembled and production-ready, needing only minimal setup on the operator’s end
  • 65+ years of industry experience for the TYKMA Electrox team
  • Support that includes machine setup, laser safety training, troubleshooting, repair services, onsite preventative maintenance, and more

Accessories for Our Standard Laser Systems

Along with our diverse line of laser marking systems, we also supply a variety of accessories to enhance your equipment and ensure operator and facility safety is maintained. These accessories include:

  • Laser marking focal lenses – A range of upgrades are available to increase the size of your marking field or modify the laser beam’s properties
  • Fume and dust extraction systems – Remove harmful dust and fumes during laser marking with these systems and ensure a safe workspace
  • Laser safety glasses – Protect your workers’ eyes from scattered laser radiation during Class 4 laser operation with these glasses
  • Rotary devices – Perform easy radial part marking with our rotary devices, including the SR380, D65, ZD30, and ZD80 options

Contact Us for Standard Laser Marking Machines

If your operations are in need of effective systems for marking and engraving parts to produce designs, graphics, logos, barcodes, serial numbers, and more, reach out to the team at TYKMA Electrox.

We’ll assess your needs and help you find the right system to get the job done.

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