20W Fiber Laser Ablation with Rotary

In this demonstration, we’re using a 330mm lens and the ZD80 Rotary Device to tile graphics around a part to illustrate the possibilities for fiber laser ablation with rotary devices. If you’re looking to utilize a 20W fiber laser system for your essential operations, you should consider the process known as laser ablation. Laser ablation is a process in which material is removed from a surface (that surface often being solid, but occasionally liquid) by way of the precise actions of a laser. The material itself is either evaporated or sublimated and leaves behind a smooth, clean area with the removed material giving way to a design, logo, series of numbers or letters, or other information. Ablation is an excellent option for those looking to incorporate laser marking into their operations, and our fiber laser ablation with rotary capabilities can be the key equipment you need to achieve these aims.


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