Scorpion™ Fiber Laser System

Unpack It. Plug It In. Start Marking. It’s That Simple! No more complicated laser marking systems and expensive service calls. Maintenance-free Scorpion™ Fiber Laser System arrives fully assembled in one box.

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The Scorpion fiber laser system is designed for a variety of marking, engraving and etching applications. With a variety of unique and powerful features, Scorpion excels in integrated applications.

Manufacturers, machine builders, engineers, automation specialists and others depend on Scorpion for their integrated marking and coding applications.

    • PC Free Operation with Handheld Pendant Control – The Scorpion control system features on board processing and storage, allowing for PC free operation in the production environment. Users can select and process pre-configured marking programs using the included handheld control pendant.  Store a variety of programs on the laser system with the capability to use serialization, date coding and dynamics text sent from external systems such as PLC’s and network databases.
    • Network Capable – Network the Scorpion laser and connect to it from any PC within the same network to easily update and modify marking programs. No need to connect the PC directly to laser or carry new or modified programs to the laser using a USB stick.
    • Control Marking Data with Multiple Protocols – Scorpion is equipped with a variety of communication protocols, including Ethernet, USB and RS-232. With our simple command library, integrators can easily program external data systems such as PLC’s and databases to select marking programs and control marking data on-the-fly.
    • Propriety Beam Steering – Scorpion features a proprietary beam steering technology developed in-house, which provides numerous benefits. Traditional beam steering technology is implemented as a matched set, which means a failure of an individual component requires replacement of the entire system. With our proprietary self-tuning control, each component can be individually repaired or replaced, saving time and cost. Self-tuning also allows for automatic correction of drifting that traditional systems in a high volume environment can face. Using this technology, the Scorpion laser maintains complete accuracy in mark placement in the most demanding applications. It also guarantees that each laser is location compatible so marking programs created on one laser can be processed on other lasers with the same accuracy.
    • Pre-Set Laser Focal Distance – Each Scorpion laser is set with a designated focal distance. Integrators implementing multiple lasers into their process can count on an accurate and repeatable focal distance value for every laser.
    • Air Cooled and Maintenance Free – Scorpion laser is air-cooled and maintenance free, using the latest fiber laser technology in the industry.
    • 3 Year Warranty – The Scorpion fiber laser is covered with an industry leading 3 year comprehensive warranty.
    • Integrated Focus Finder – Our dual beam integrated focus finder system makes integration simple with a simple method for locating the proper focal distance.
    • Marking Flexibility – Scorpion laser is available in power ratings from 10 to 100W, providing a solution for any application. In addition, our 20W system is available with selectable pulse durations, enabling Scorpion to process any application, from deep engraving to marking plastics and sensitive substrates. Scorpion delivers in applications where other fibers lasers fall short.
    • Evolution Marking Software – (Summarize strong points of Evolution software from Evolution write-up)

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