The Importance of High-quality Laser Marking Technologies

laser marking technology high quality

If you’re in the industrial or manufacturing sectors, you know the benefit in having the most cutting-edge and reliable equipment available for your production processes.

One type of equipment that is quickly becoming invaluable to many businesses, and even to sectors beyond manufacturing, is industrial marking systems. These systems utilize precision lasers for the marking, engraving and etching of various products and material types for a diverse range of applications.

As a premier supplier of industrial marking systems, TYKMA Electrox has a lot of worthwhile insights into the benefits and applications for these systems, so let’s take a closer look at them.

Features of TYKMA Electrox’s Laser Marking Technologies

The industrial systems offered by TYKMA Electrox have numerous features that make them a worthy addition to your factory floor or general operations. These include:

Range of Sizes – One of the best aspects of our laser marking systems and workstations is that they are offered in a range of sizes to meet the needs required by specific industries and uses. Customers can select everything from small units (roughly the size of a desktop computer) to larger, freestanding units for use on more cumbersome materials.

Simplicity – Our systems are optimized for easy use, featuring a self-contained and ergonomic design. Additionally, many systems from TYKMA Electrox need only a USB connection to a standard computer for the simple install of marking software.

Material Versatility – Customers searching for industrial marking systems with an impressive versatility have found it with TYKMA Electrox equipment. Our systems are adept at working with a wide assortment of materials, including:

o Steel                                      o Aluminum

o Stainless steel                     o Brass and copper

o Titanium                               o Anodized aluminum

o Carbide                                 o ABS plastics

o PCD                                       o Polyethylene plastics

o Black Oxide                         o Glass-filled plastics

o Painted materials               o Various plastics

o Nickel-plated material       o Various synthetic materials

o Galvanized material

high quality laser marking

Applications for Laser Marking

As you can see, laser marking systems provide impressive versatility in terms of use with material surfaces. But what about their potential applications for industrial and manufacturing needs?

You’ll be glad to know that laser marking technologies are ideal for numerous industrial uses, including the following:

• Marking products to meet industry regulations

• Assisting in the control and tracking of product inventory

• Increasing safety awareness through warning notifications

• Assisting loss prevention measures

Of chief importance, however, is industrial marking systems’ versatility in part identification, giving you and your customers a quick reference for vital information like:

• Serial numbers

• Component labels

• Date codes

• Bar codes

• Time stamps

• Individual part numbers

• Sequentialized part numbers

• Specialized industrial codes

With so many options available, it’s no surprise that industrial marking systems are becoming such a vital part of many sectors’ standard operations. But just who make up the sectors that are enjoying these benefits?

Industries Which Utilize Laser Marking Systems

Some of the industries TYKMA Electrox has been fortunate enough to work with and supply equipment for over the years include:

• Aerospace


Sporting goods

• Military and defense


• General industrial

• Home goods


• Oil and gas


Each of these companies have found a variety of uses for our systems, marking and engraving everything from firearms to hand tools to surgical instruments to golf clubs to engine components.

But of course these are only a few of the useful applications. For a more comprehensive list of our applications for these sectors, visit our industries page.

firearms laser marking

Customizable to Fit Your Needs

One of the best parts about choosing TYKMA Elextrox as your industrial marking system supplier is knowing you’re working with an industry leader with years of experience in the field.

Because of this experience, we’re able to offer our customers custom solutions tailored to fit their requirements when the need arises. Some of the customized products we’ve supplied in the past include:

• Built-to-order automated laser marking systems

• Laser enclosures constructed of a larger or customized size

• Automated part handling and feeding

• Automated XY tables or gantry XY systems

• Rotary table systems which are multi- or two-position

• Vision systems and 2D code reading integration

Industrial Laser System Safety

If you’re looking to integrate a laser marking or laser engraving system into your daily operations, there’s some vital information you should be aware of before utilizing your system.

Considering the basic functions of lasers, and the potential for injury that can occur during misuse, it’s essential that any and all employees who would be working with or near such systems be made aware of proper laser marking safety protocols.

Some of the hazards associated with the misuse of laser systems occur through exposure to:

• High voltage

• Compressed gasses

• Intense radio frequency energy

• Diffuse and specular reflections

• Electrical shocks from:

o Utility power utilization

o Device controls

o Power supply conductors of 50+ volts

All of these hazards can be eliminated by following the standard safety procedures as outlined in the manuals for all TYKMA Electrox industrial marking systems. For a closer look at these concerns and how to avoid injury, visit our importance of laser marking safety post.

Video Tutorials and Downloads

In addition to all of the safety information we supply, we’re also proud to offer our customers numerous helpful video tutorials and downloads on our site.

• Our video tutorials cover everything from software installation to importing vector graphics to creating barcodes and serial numbers to the processes for tracing and marking.

• Our downloads range from our product brochure to manuals to product data sheets to laser settings guides and more.

At TYKMA Electrox, we want our customers to be as well-versed with their machines as possible, so if you ever have a question which isn’t satisfied by our downloads and tutorials, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team!

Contact Us

As you can see, the laser marking technologies offered by TYKMA Electrox offer impressive versatility and customizability and can do wonders for your business and your bottom line.

To inquire about one of our laser systems, or ask any questions, be sure to contact us today!

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