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TYKMA Electrox: A Leader in Machines for Serial Number Engraving and Laser Engraving Barcodes

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At TYKMA Electrox, we specialize in the design and manufacture of laser marking systems for industrial purposes. It is our mission to produce durable, cost-effective solutions for your permanent identification needs with our premier laser marking technology. With over 55 years of combined experience, our company is a world-leading industrial laser systems manufacturer.

Our industrial laser systems are applicable for a diverse range of businesses and can be used to perform countless tasks. When it comes to laser etching barcodes or laser engraving serial numbers, our equipment is the best of the best. We offer production-ready machines that are suitable for marking any material or substrate in a number of manufacturing settings.

Learn more about our marking solutions for laser engraving serial numbers and barcodes today.

An Overview of Serial Numbers and Bar Codes

Serial numbers are sets of individual identification numbers that are displayed on many products. The primary goal of these numbers is to track the movement of specific items and manage existing inventory, most notably in the manufacturing and retail industries.

Barcodes, like serial numbers, are unique to the product or item itself. But instead of only a list of numbers on a product, the pattern of black and white bars provides additional information that is machine-readable.

laser engraving serial numbers

Why Is Laser Marking Barcodes and Serial Numbers Important?

Some of the key reasons you should consider laser etching barcodes and serial numbers include the following:

  • Systems create markings that are scratch- and fade-resistant
  • The markings make products secure against fraudulent modifications
  • The markings let products be easily tracked and accounted for

The 4 Steps to Laser Engraving Barcodes and Serial Numbers

For the most definitive results for your laser engraving serial numbers and barcodes application, our team recommends these tips and tricks:

  • Secure your item – Once you have chosen your item and material, place your product in the workstation and ensure that it is positioned properly so the laser’s head can reach it.
  • Focus the laser – Accurate focus when laser marking barcodes is essential for generating the most precise and scannable end product. So, adjust the height of your laser head as needed, and even run some test shots to ensure the settings are working correctly.
  • Engrave your material – This is where you let your workstation complete the job. After you have secured the item and ensured that everything is to your liking, it’s time to start laser engraving serial numbers and barcodes for your application.
  • Clean and inspect – This step is to ensure that your barcodes and serial numbers are easy to read and that the information matches the initial design you created. If it does, you are free to move on to your next product or start cleaning up your workstation.

Also, when laser etching barcodes and serial numbers onto your products, it is important to test your designs prior to the actual engraving process. This can ensure that your laser settings are at the right speed, power, and frequency, and that your design has the right dimensions for your application.

Laser Engraving Barcodes and Serial Numbers in Any Industry

Serial number engraving and laser etching barcodes are practices that can and should be adopted by almost any industry. Laser etching barcodes and serial numbers onto machine parts, devices, and components bolsters safety and traceability and ensures you’re meeting labeling regulations. 

Our laser marking systems can benefit any industry in a variety of applications including:

If you’re wondering how our laser serial number engravers can benefit your industry, contact our experienced professionals today!

Our Systems for Laser Marking Barcodes

Our team at TYKMA Electrox believes that our customers should use only the highest-quality technology available, which is why we produce the most advanced fiber laser equipment the world has to offer. If you’re not sure what type of laser capabilities you are looking for, TYKMA Electrox can help. Our machines for laser etching barcodes provide:

Because our versatile systems have been used by a wide array of industries in thousands of practical applications, we strive to provide optimal solutions for all of our customers. In addition, we have the ability to engineer and create products to suit unique applications for those searching for custom-integrated designs.

TYKMA Electrox is proud to supply superior industrial laser marking systems that are designed for a variety of applications including serial number engraving and laser engraving barcodes. What makes our systems superior is the number of materials our machines can mark. These materials include:

  • Metals – Various grades of steel, stainless steel, titanium, brass and copper, aluminum, and nickel-plated and galvanized materials
  • Plastics – ABS, polyethylene, glass-filled, and various other plastics
  • Painted/coated/anodized – Anodized aluminum, painted materials, black oxide, and various other coatings
  • Carbide and synthetics – Carbide, PCD, and other synthetic materials

Since there are countless opportunities for barcode and serial number engraving, our advantage is proven in the countless materials our machines can mark and engrave.

Barcode and Serial Number Engraving Machines

While the terms marking, etching, and engraving are often used interchangeably, there are notable differences in these processes and their applications. You can read some of their specifics at our link.

Our engraving and etching machines have the capability of quickly marking almost any material and are especially advantageous for parts that experience high wear. If you’re looking for a laser serial number engraver, we suggest the following models:

These models from TYKMA Electrox provide essential features and software, making them ideal for the intricate work of laser engraving serial numbers and laser engraving barcodes.

Laser Engraving Barcodes

Exceed Your Production Expectations with a Laser Engraving System

FAQs on Laser Engraving Barcodes, Laser Engraving Serial Numbers, and More

What should I do to my surface before laser marking barcodes?

Though there are no treatments needed before laser engraving barcodes, serial numbers, or other markings, but it is recommended that your intended surface is cleaned thoroughly in order to achieve the most clear and precise results.

How deep are the marks when laser etching barcodes?

Since laser engravings are intended to last indefinitely, your deep markings for serial numbers and barcodes should be anywhere from 0.005” to 0.01” for the most visible readability.

Is there any post-processing needed after laser engraving serial numbers?

After your process of laser marking barcodes and serial numbers is complete, no post-processing is typically needed. This means that your barcodes should be scannable and ready to use once engraved into your material.

For any additional questions about laser engraving barcodes for your industry application, contact our team to learn more.

Advantages of TYKMA Electrox Lasers for Serial Number Engraving

At TYKMA Electrox, we build our lasers with MOPA fiber laser technology. The MOPA laser architecture of our systems for laser engraving serial numbers and laser etching barcodes is second to none. With this, our equipment provides numerous advantages compared to other average fiber lasers:

  • Increased power
  • Advanced marking capabilities
  • Air-cooled, maintenance-free designs
  • No lamps, water cooling, or alignments
  • Zero calibrations required
  • Industry-leading warranties and longest reliability
  • Compact machine footprints with simple modular designs
  • Low-power components to maximize energy efficiency

All of our barcode and serial number engraving systems are fully warrantied, designed to international standards, and backed by 24/7 customer service, technical support, and training.

The TYKMA Electrox Difference

Our goal at TYKMA Electrox is to not only provide you with the highest-quality machines for serial number engraving and laser etching barcodes the market has to offer, but to go above and beyond in meeting your laser application needs. Most importantly, we put the customer first from the initial contact we have with you to any product training, all the way through to troubleshooting after the sale. 

When you decide to purchase a serial number engraving machine from TYKMA Electrox, you are guaranteed to receive the best equipment and customer service  available.

Beyond Serial Number Laser Engraving and Laser Etching Barcodes

The benefits of industrial laser marking systems from TYKMA Electrox extend far beyond laser engraving serial numbers and laser etching barcodes on metals and plastics. TYKMA Electrox has found endless opportunities for our laser marking systems in not only entire industries but in individual applications as well. 

These opportunities include partnerships with a company specializing in firearm coatings and an automotive engine manufacturer. Stay up to date with everything going on at TYKMA Electrox, including laser engraving serial numbers and barcodes, by checking out our recent blog posts.  

Contact Us Today About Our Serial Number Engraving Machines

As you can see, when it comes to laser engraving barcodes and serial numbers, our company has diverse capabilities that can be extremely valuable in your production facility.

If you or your company are looking for laser barcode and serial number engraving machines, TYKMA Electrox has got you covered. Visit our product page and see how we can exceed all of your laser marking needs. Contact us today with any questions!

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