TYKMA and Electrox Merger FAQ


Have you heard about the merger between TYKMA and Electrox? Read below to see some of the most common questions answered.

What does the merger accomplish?

TYKMA and Electrox are combining our strengths to offer our global customers a higher level of service, support and products. Together we are a more powerful unit in the laser marking industry. Our customers can expect developments in technology and capability to better service the market.

Was TYKMA acquired? Who is managing TYKMA and Electrox?

Yes, 80% of TYKMA was acquired by the 600 Group PLC, with TYKMA keeping the remaining 20%. The TYKMA management team has assumed worldwide management responsibility for both TYKMA and Electrox. The 600 Group PLC is a diversified engineering group with a world class reputation in the manufacture and distribution of machine tools, precision engineered components and laser marking systems, including Electrox. (www.600group.com)

Are the companies staying in place? Where are operations located for both companies?

TYKMA is in process of completing a brand new 25,000 square foot facility for North America operations located in our current home town of Chillicothe, OH.

I’m a TYKMA or Electrox customer. What does this mean for me? Who will support my systems? Who do I contact?

Customers of both TYKMA and Electrox can be assured they will continue to receive the same high level of service and support they have always received with an ongoing enhancement of our service capabilities through combined resources. Contact information for both organizations remains the same, including distributors and representatives. In North America, the presence of TYKMA’s headquarters strengthens our customer support level for both groups.

Will my favorite TYKMA or Electrox products remain and be supported in the future?

Both product lines will continue to receive ongoing support into the future. Spare parts and service will be available for all products of both TYKMA and Electrox worldwide.

I work with a TYKMA or Electrox distributor or representative. Will I continue to work with them?

Yes, distributors of both TYKMA and Electrox will continue to operate with a focus on providing the best sales and service in their respective markets. In some markets, distributors will be able to offer an enhanced set of products from both brands.

I’m working with TYKMA or Electrox on a current application. Which product should I chose? Do I have a choice of product offerings?

In some markets, Yes! Our sales engineers will evaluate each opportunity and offer our customers the best fit for their unique application. If you are a current customer of either product line and would like to learn more about the current offerings or just have additional questions about the merger, please feel free to contact us.

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