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TYKMA Electrox: Your Resource for Laser Engraving Test Tubes

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TYKMA Electrox: Your Resource for Laser Engraving Test Tubes

Looking for a way to efficiently create long-lasting marks on the surface of test tubes and other glass laboratory equipment? Laser engraving is the solution. This process uses a high-powered laser to remove a small amount of material from the surface of your test tubes, beakers, and beyond, creating a permanent mark for testing identification numbers, experiment statistics, branding, and more.

Read on to learn about all the benefits of laser engraving test tubes.

The Process for Laser Marking Test Tubes

When laser engraving test tubes and other glass equipment, it is important to select the settings and calibrations that are going to provide the best outcomes. Here are some key steps to take in test tube engraving.

  • Prepare your materials – Clean your products or components to remove any contaminants or residue that could interfere with your engraving.
  • Check your settings – You will want to adjust the depth of the engraving, as well as the frequency, power, and speed of the laser marking system.
  • Choose your design – Use graphic design software to craft the images and text needed for your test tube engraving.
  • Laser engrave your test tubes – This step is the exciting part where you can let the magic happen. Start the machine and be sure to follow any safety precautions.
  • Review the design – After the test tube engraving is complete, check the surface to ensure that the marks were performed cleanly. If there are any issues, be sure to make the necessary adjustments.

Industries That Benefit from Laser Marked Test Tubes

Despite glass’s fragility, laser engraving is completely safe and effective, providing clear, crisp marks that last and don’t compromise the integrity of the material’s surface. Additionally, test tube engraving eliminates the need for stickers or labels that can easily peel off, making it the perfect solution for a variety of industries that need custom identification that will endure.

The following industries benefit greatly from laser engraving test tubes and other equipment including stirring rods, bottles, and more:

  • Laboratories and other research facilities
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Biotech teams
  • Universities and colleges
  • Chemical and petrochemical labs
  • Food and beverage companies
Hospital laser engraving

Systems Ideal for Laser Engraving Glass Laboratory Equipment

Since glass is a fragile material and cracks easily, you will want to make sure you have a machine that is well suited to marking the material carefully. Here are the systems we suggest for laser marking glass test tubes, beakers, flasks, and other equipment:

Laser engraving test tubes often will require the marking of curved surfaces. In order to achieve the best outcome, we suggest incorporating a rotary device designed for curved surface marking.

Advantages of Using Equipment from TYKMA Electrox

TYKMA Electrox has over 65 years of combined experience in creating laser marking solutions for a variety of industries. These machines are backed by 24/7/365 support to make sure that you maximize uptime and meet deadlines.

Additional benefits of choosing our laser marking systems include:

  • Versatility – Whether you are looking to laser engrave test tubes, Petri dishes, flasks, or anything else, our line of machines is diverse enough to conquer any challenge.
  • Repeatability – Our laser marking systems are designed to create the same mark over and over again. This enhances readability in the lab and ensures proper traceability if product identification codes are involved.
  • Experience – Our machines are a reflection of our combined experience in the laser marking industry. The team at TYKMA Electrox has set out to create unrivaled laser marking solutions for our customers around the world and we can’t wait to share them with you.

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