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Rotary Laser Marking of a Plastic Dial from TYKMA Electrox

Last Updated on Dec 6, 2023

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Rotary Laser Marking of a Plastic Dial from TYKMA Electrox

At TYKMA Electrox, we supply high-quality and durable laser marking workstations for your individual application needs. This includes compact systems for rotary laser marking of plastic materials and beyond. 

To learn more about rotary laser marking machines, as well as how our team can provide workstations for reliable and precise marking, check out our informational guide today.

What Is Rotary Laser Marking?

Rotary laser marking is the process of creating engravings on a given material by rotating it, giving you the ability to maintain the integrity of the mark’s design and not distort it. Once you mount your chosen material to the rotation device, the tool will turn at a speed controlled by the operator until the process is complete. This results in a clear and high-contrast mark that is guaranteed to not fade over time.

What Are Rotary Laser Marking Machines Used For?

When it comes to surfaces that are round or cylindrical, using a rotary marking machine ensures operators can still deliver precise and repeatable results. Also, no matter the material that you are rotary laser marking, systems utilizing rotaries are designed to provide the following:

  • Complex designs – With a rotary marking machine, you will be able to mark your desired product from numerous angles, making it able to accommodate even the most complex designs if need be.
  • Overall uniformity – When using a rotary marking machine, you can trust that the laser beam will be distributed evenly across the material itself. This will help create consistent markings on even the most irregularly shaped objects.
  • No overlapping – Since a part will be rotated at a constant speed during rotary laser marking, the beam does not stay in the same spot for too long. That means no part of your material will be overexposed, which could potentially damage the material.

For a look at the rotary laser marking of a plastic dial, check out this demonstration video that our team has put together:

Our Capabilities When Rotary Laser Marking a Plastic Dial

When working with plastic, a MOPA fiber laser is ideal in most cases. For more specialized laser marking applications, UV or green laser technology can also be used depending on your needs.

The rotary accessories that TYKMA Electrox offers include the following:

With a rotary marking machine, laser marking plastic dials and other objects that are unevenly shaped can be accomplished easier than ever. Just some of the techniques that we recommend when working with plastic include:

To learn more about the best techniques for your specific application, check out our individual pages, or read our blog about the differences between laser marking, engraving, and etching.

Why TYKMA Electrox Is Your Source for Laser Marking

TYKMA Electrox has over 65 years of combined experience in providing laser marking systems for a variety of industries. Some of the benefits of working with us include the following:

  • Low operation costs for your rotary marking machine
  • Faster output times on your projects
  • Repeatability and accuracy in produced marks
  • Build-to-order options available

Additionally, our team is here to provide unwavering customer support and additional training for those who have questions about their rotary laser marking systems and startup.

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