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Unparalleled Laser Marking Titanium Services

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Unparalleled Laser Marking Titanium Services

TYKMA Electrox supplies robust, reliable systems that can fulfill a wide array of applications, including marking on metals such as titanium. Let’s start things off by looking at some FAQs on laser marking and engraving titanium so you can be ready for your next task when working with titanium components.

What machines should be used when laser engraving titanium?

The best equipment for laser engraving titanium or laser marking titanium is a fiber laser, which provides high levels of precision and also supplies versatility across a range of surfaces. When purchasing a laser marking machine, you will want to consider the power, size, engraving area, software and compatibility, maintenance, support, and cost in order to find the best solution for your specific application.

How can you create color when laser marking on titanium surfaces?

When you vary parameters like speed, power, frequency, and focus, it is possible to produce vibrant colors on your titanium surface. Fiber lasers are your best bet for this process.

What is the purpose of laser engraving titanium?

Laser engraving titanium is used to distinguish different parts of the same part, for product traceability, branding, or decorative purposes. This can include 2D barcodes, data matrix codes, QR codes, serial numbers, VIN numbers, logos, and beyond.

What are the benefits of laser marking titanium?

When you choose laser marking or engraving as your marking method, you will discover the following benefits:

  • Longevity – Laser engraving or marking titanium produces durable marks that are easily readable by consumers.
  • No consumables – Using laser engraving eliminates consumables, making it an eco-friendly operation that is also affordable.
  • Fast – The process of laser marking is fast and efficient, producing clear marks quickly that save companies time and money.
  • Clarity – Since the laser doesn’t actually touch the surface in the process of laser etching titanium, the result is precise and error-free.

Can intricate designs be created when laser engraving titanium?

Absolutely! When laser etching titanium, a computer program is used to direct the point of the laser along a certain pattern or design. This means that the possibilities of your marking are endless, letting you create large designs on a bigger surface or intricate ones on a smaller surface.

Laser Marking Titanium for Diverse Industries

At TYKMA Electrox, our wide range of product identification machines offer perfect-fit solutions to any application needs. That, of course, stretches across a variety of industries.

And in those industries, there is a need for marking on titanium, due in large part to its lighter weight and high strength capabilities. That makes it especially ideal in the aerospace industry, where it is vital to use lightweight components wherever possible.

But titanium marking is also found in automotive supplies, medical equipment and industrial products. So no matter what your application is, TYKMA Electrox marks with the precision and reliability you need.

Laser Etching Titanium Has Never Been Easier or More Effective

What sets our workstations apart from the rest? Consider that all of our systems:

  • Contain high-powered MOPA fiber laser engines
  • Feature ergonomic designs, user-friendly controls and the most cutting-edge features and technology for the maximum operator experience
  • Are designed to exacting quality standards
  • Are production-ready laser marking workstations that ship fully assembled and are ready to mark with minimal setup

Better yet, TYKMA Electrox offers 24/7/365 support from its service and application technicians, which includes everything from machine setup and training to troubleshooting and maintenance.

Our goal is to always provide long-term customer support and training, helping your systems operate at the highest level for years to come.

Get to Know Our Line of Machines

Because we work with so many types of clients, we understand that all of them will have unique needs for marking. That is why we offer a number of systems and workstations that are sure to get the job done.

To learn more about our laser systems for titanium (and all other materials and compositions), be sure to visit our capabilities page.

TYKMA Electrox also works with clients to develop custom solutions, manufactured at our own full-service facility just like all of our other systems.

Contact Us About Laser Etching Titanium

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